Letters organizing the Meeting

Dear All,

Please let me know if I can put your name as expecting to show. Jerry Ann was absolutely thrilled that some “European Americans” are enthusiastic about partnering with the NAACP around some of these issues.

Supporters Unable to Make This Meeting

  • Amy Carlson(co-founder of the Bay View Neighborhood Association)
  • Dismas Becker(Alderman 1980s)
  • David Seitz(President, Wauwatosa East High School Gay-Straight Alliance)
  • Dennis Grzezinski(“Environmental Attorney and Activist involved in Urban Ecology Center, ACLU and MMSD”
  • Carol Voss (co-founder Bay View Neighborhood Assn)
  • Stacie Rosenzweig ( Writer/Blogger, “The Vast Dairy State Conspiracy.”)
  • Howard Snyder(executive director Northwest Community Development Corporation)
  • James Wilson, (YMCA-CDC Community Organizer, Riverwest Area)
  • Heather Winter (Milwaukee Art Museum)
  • Michael Kramer(Bay View Neighborhood Association)

A Growing Alliance Supports NAACP Initiative
March 16, 3 to 5 p.m.
NAACP Offices, 2745 N. MLK
Rides provided upon request

People Planning to Attend (God willing)

  • Mathibela Sebothoma(African Catholic Priest Solidarity Movement)
  • Surah Faraj(“Queer Life”)
  • Tegan Dowling(co-founder Bay View Neighborhod Ass., co-founder Emergency Digital.com)
  • Tracey Sperko(Wisconsin Coordinator, Veterans for Progress )
  • Peter Blewett(President Milwaukee School Board, Candidate up for re-election )
  • Michael Moynihan(Co Founder Milwaukee Public Theatre)
  • George Martin (Executive Director Peace Action)
  • Cleo Pruitt(Bridgeworks, NAACP Project to Save the Soldiers Home)
  • Vince Bushell(Publisher “Riverwest Currents” and “Bay View Compass”)
  • Harvey Taylor(poet, singer, activist)
  • Bill Sell(writer, activist, founder Bay View Matters Yahoo Group)
  • Omar Gagale(Co-Owner, Lula’s East African Cafe and Club Timbuktu)
  • Tess Reiss(Main Promoter of Riverwest Civil Society & Events and Riverwest E-Mail Network)
  • Virginia Cassel(Co-Founde*r, Key Leader Milwaukee Preservation Alliance)
  • Sandy Folaron(Key Person of Save the Soldiers Home Movement, Owner Dirtbuster, Speaker)
  • James Carlson(Founder Bucketworks)
  • Dave Redemann(wrwiter and co-founder Candlelight Coalition of West Suburban Progressives)
  • Kat Keller(Editor “Bay View Compass”)
  • Kein Burton(Program Director for the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation, Preservationist)
  • Doug Quigley( Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, Antique Shop on 2nd near Lava Java )
  • Steve O’Connell(Director Sherman Park Neighborhood Association)
  • Tony Oberbrunner(“Retired bureaucrat, activist, half assed photographer” )

Jerry Ann Hamilton, President of Milwaukee NAACP, has extended an invitation to neighborhood groups to join her in a conversation about many issues, March 16, 3 to 5 p.m., at the beautiful new NAACP offices at 2745 N. MLK. Among the topics of conversation will be:

	*drawing upon the institutional wisdom and legal power of the NAACP to address issues of 	police violence in Milwaukee

	*the “Rebirth of Freedom Soldiers Home Celebration”


	*Rainbow Summerfests at the Lakefront and in the Neighborhoods


	*Harnessing the Power of the Internet to Create a Rainbow Membership Drive for the Wisconsin NAACP


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