There are a number of alternative MPS schools that will help students and families not predisposed to thrive in large, traditional educational settings, e.g. mine!

I am the very satisfied beneficiary of the fine work of 3 MPS schools: Riverside, Project Stay, and now the New School for Community Service.

The faculty at Riverside and Project Stay helped my children and family immensely.

The New School for Community Service is now where my youngest goes with enthusiasm.

The New School offers a small school atmosphere, with only about 135 students, small classrooms, high faculty/student ratio, and a focus on community-based learning internships.

In its 10th year, the New School has created an impressive network of private businesses, community-based organizations, governmental units, and schools that serve as “learning resource sites” for the students. You can see the community partners of the New School at

Students serve as interns and earn credit in art, business, computer education, language arts, science, social studies, and technical education.

In house classes taught by 8 teachers include computer based learning in PLATO, APEX, and Virtual High School.

College credit courses and special learning programs are also available.

Small class sizes, individualized learning, self-direction, and community service have guided 10 years of good work.

I think the new focus on entrepreneurship and multiple skills sets in the new economy will find many students and families from schools like the New School surprised at the advantages such self-directed, real-world embeded educational experiences offer.

The New School is located on 6th and Wisconsin Ave., allowing students to navigate the city on public transportation as they go from school to internships, which can be rotated enough to offer students lots of real-world insights. It is home to students from 22 zip codes, from all identity groups of our fair city.

Marty Horning is the school’s president and can be reached at

I would be very interested to hear other parents thoughts on the various MPS schools that have served their families.

I have a hunch that MPS merits some kind of “re-visioning,” if the case of my children is not idiosyncratic. I have often been amazed at the thoughtfulness and dedication of the faculty and administration, and the spirit of the students, all of God’s children, at Milwaukee Public Schools.

Clear sailing,


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