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I’ve been teaching at Neighborhood House, in the Early Childhood dept., for 16!!!!! years. I’d be interested in throwing around some ideas with like minded people. Creating a new, QUALITY, child care center would take a lot of work, what with all the state regulations and all, but I’d be happy to talk philosophy/curriculum/space, etc. with you and others. I think it’s a fabulous idea! And think of the intergenerational things that could be done. But elder care is probably even more difficult and labor intensive than child care. Let’s talk! By email or 342–1599.
The location could present the opportunity to create a really ethnically/economically diverse center!

Marilynn Weiland

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Dear Marilynn,

Thanks for your letter!

This concept, as you have explained, carries an enormous amount of work to make it happen. But, methinks, it is a concept “with legs.” There has been so much written about the downside of generational ghettoes and the lack of love and wisdom from elders available to so many children that I suspect the simple act of having on-line conversations over time with people might spark steps leading toward this worthy goal.

I would like to create a web site for this project, initially at the Milwaukee Renaissance@Bucketworks location, using the very easy “wiki” round table, no web master software.

I would like to post you letter, your response, and this letter on to that site, and then mail it to you with instructions on how to use the site.

If you are up for this, we would then invite other people interested in this idea to join in. We would have on-line gatherings and brain storming sessions, punctuated by fun meetings somewhere to “materialize” our existence and decisions.

I am very patient about this entire process. I have no doubt that our “attention” to the concept, if sustained over time, will make some good things happen.

I have recently been told about some Gates Foundation money for small schools. I have also been told that there are people wishing to incorporate “emotional intelligence curriculum” into our schools. This all ties in with Elder/Child Care/Schools for Community Service.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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Sounds very good to me. We might also explore the philosophy and practices instituted in Reggio-Emilia(Italy), which emphasizes the child as center to his/her own learning, learning creatively through art, and establishing strong links to the community, which sounds right in step with what Bucketworks is endeavoring to do. Social-emotional development is key for that age child, and beyond.
I’m willing to dialogue.

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