Dear David,

Here is a long letter combining some theoretical notions I would appreciate your response and that of your allies who might be interested in such mental excursions.

I would very much like to broadcast for the cause, thereby hoping you can provide things like…

  • E-mails that contain some good stories of the school, students, building, programs

  • Please let the following groups know that we will be creating a web site called

  • Students

-current students
-alumni and alumnae

  • Faculty

-current faculty

-past supportive faculty

  • Employees

-of all kinds who are internet endowed

  • Allies

-School Board Members and Civic Leaders to Connect With

-Educational Community, e.g. UWM, M.U., MATC, etc.

-Government, Religious, Economic, and Culture Institutions, Leaders,
Networks who would be recepetive

  • I would be very happy to participate in an on-line project team to Save the Eight St. School as well as attend workshops, meetings, assemblies, etc. to do the same.

Here Are Some Thoughts on Why I Am So Deeply Committed to Save the Eight St. School.

It is my honor to do my best to Save the Eighth St. School.

The Eighth St. School and Project STAY are sacred to me and my family.

The Eight St. School is wondrously resourced, in terms of bright, loving teachers, a beautiful, student created environment, accessible, vibrant, downtown location, to respond to the challenge of sparking the transformation of at risk adolescents into creative working class citizens Milwaukee will become renown for.

Please know that I aspire to contribute toward a Grand Alliance to Save the Eight St. School.

The same Grand Alliance that is Saving the Lakefront from the Warship and is on the edge of a generational victory in regard to the Save the Soldiers Home Movement is primed to sign on with great exuberance to the Save the Eight St. School Movement.

The history and the promise of the Eight St. School is in perfect alignment with a list of core values that express aspects of the emergent Grand Alliance for a Milwaukee Renaissance.

The Eight St. School is a loving, safe, even sacred space where our children and youth are offered the keys and the doors toward acquiring the many kinds of intelligences necessary to become knowledge workers and creative working citizens, or, “creatives,” and thereby fuel our journey toward sustainable development in the global information society and marketplaces of the world.

The Eighth St. School embodies these core values of the embryonic Milwaukee Renaissance:

R……………..rainbow, advance harmony of major identity groups

E……………..ecology, advance cause of healthy land, water, air, environment

D……………, advance city beautify and new urbanism movements

P……………..preservation, advance the husbanding of our historic treasures

E……………..enterprise, advance sustainable economic development and creative job growth

N…………….network, harness the power of the internet to the good fight, grow the on-line

f it is true that Milwaukee is in transition from an industrial to an information and service society, and that creativity is the key to economic growth in the world marketplace, then we must carefully attend to the question of what kind of city fosters the creative working classes and avante guard knowledge workers requisite for new enterprises and job growth.

The Eight St. School is of great promise regarding a new “City Beautiful Movement” in Milwaukee.
A Beautiful City—Guild Development
Many Milwaukeeans are coming to appreciate the relationship between urban design and beauty and our ability to develop, attract, and retain people with high value added skill sets, entrepreneurial energies, and a commitment to the commonwealth. Networks of artist and artisan custom shops are developing that hope to team up with schools and building owners to increase the supply of talented but modest artisans and architectural artists.

The Eight St. School is of great promise regarding the integration of artisanal, artistic, and technological pedagogy.

 It’s location is perfect:   

close to the Enterprise Centers on 9th and National and 4th and Hadley, not to mention Bucketworks, the Museums of Downtown, the Renew the Valley social enterprises needing student interns, the vibrant places for in-shop learning at the increasingly vibrant “civil society” of Historic Milwaukee, the emerging Main Street and Walk to Work projects, the NAACP Office looking to integrate student interns into the advancment of the National NAACP Convention, July 9–14 in Milwaukee; the medical facilities to be developed in the Bronzeville neighborhood, the restoration of historic neighborhoods like Concordia, Cold Spring Park, Harambee, Walnut Park, Sherman Park, Brewers Hill, Riverwest, Brady St. and Eastowne, and so forth.

A City With Sacred Destinations
Places that evoke a sense of awe, wonder, and peace are vital for the mental and emotional health of our citizens. That the Soldiers Home buildings have been literally rotting for the past 20 years but are now on the edge of renewal is the most dramatic evidence of our fair city’s awakening to the power of our history for the good of our future.

The Eight St. School is of great promise regarding a re-visioning of Historic Milwaukee as a destination for people seeking the union of history, beauty, and enterprise in our schools.
The Preservation Movement of Milwuakee, Wisconsin, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation will be very interested in supporting the Save the Eight St. School Movement.

Lifelong Learning Centers, Internet Empowerment, Small Schools, and Social Enterprise Internships

In an Historic City in Renaissance, education is a lifelong process, combining formal, theoretical work in classrooms, librariers, and increasingly on-line, with real-life experiences in the various sectors of society. As more of our learning, business, and commonwealth efforts are computer and internet based, a greater percentage of our work life can occur in our homes or neighborhoods, rather than formal work places. Much of the work of the creative working classes can occur at work stations away from work.

A city empowering its citizens in educational experiments throughout the lives of the citizens, e.g. social internships, cafe cyber mentors, neighborhood networks, wiki webs for creatives.

A city aggressively promoting itself as place for creatives to make a life and for cultural and heritage tourism rooted in our unique social democratic traditions, our historic neighborhoods, and the creativity of our citizens.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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