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Columbus in the Capitol- A Quincentenary Edition
by Ann Baldessarini Chambers, Editor

The Capitol’s art and architecture illustrated and described in a “special edition book” presented by the Congress of the United States commemorating the quincentenary of Columbus’ founding of America

$14.95 (includes postage and handling)


This richly illustrated coffee table book chronicles the Italian experience in America from the early explorers through the American Revolution and Civil War to the Great Migration and modern times. Featured are Italian American inventors, law enforcers, educators, scientists, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others past and present who have contributed to the United States. 200+ pages. Previously selling for $38.50

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This study reveals how, in mathematics, science, medicine, government, banking, sports and other areas of human endeavor, English borrowed the words Italians coined to describe their inventions and discoveries. Paperback, 60 pages. $6.00 (Includes postage and handling.)

  1. STUDYING IN ITALY published by The National Italian American Foundation

Illustrated guide to Italian language and culture courses at academic and commercial institutions all over Italy. Also lists non-academic studies in art restoration, architecture, fashion, interior design, tourism and hotel management. Includes list of US universities with study-abroad programs in Italy. Paperback. 252 pages. $13.00 (includes postage and handling) Orders of three or more: $10.00 each.


The first and only directory of its kind, lists the names, mini-bios, and major credits of Italian American actors, directors, producers, composers, cartoonists, and singers, who contributed to American movies, television, radio, the stage and the recording industry in the 20th century. Softcover, 276 pages. Previously selling for $15.00

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Lucky Corner: The Biography of Alfred E. Santangelo and the Rise of Italian Americans in Politics by Betty L. Santangelo

This book chronicles the early years of Italian American political activism from the 1920s to the 1970s — providing colorful vignettes of historic figures from NYC Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt and Governor Alfred E. Smith to President John F. Kennedy. Congressman Santangelo represented the 18th Congressional District of Manhattan during the 1950s and 1960s — after serving four terms in the New York State Senate.

$19.95 (includes postage and handling)

  1. YOURS IS A PRECIOUS WITNESS by Margherita Marchione

Using oral histories of Italian Jews and Catholics, Sister Marchione documents how Pope Pius XII’s policies helped save thousands of Jews by granting them refuge in Italian convents, monasteries and papal buildings during World War II. Hardcover; 258 pages with photographs. $12.00 (includes postage and handling.)

  1. THE LOVE COOKBOOK by Leo Buscaglia

Collection of recipes, from soup to nuts, all of which take no longer than 10 minutes to prepare so that the cook can spend time with family and friends. Full color photographs on glossy paper. A good gift for young brides and seasoned chefs alike. Special Offer $7.00 (includes postage and handling); 224 pages hardcover.


One of the first to chronicle the presence of Italians in America, Schiavo’s seminal work begins with the early explorers and ends with World War II. Acknowledged as the pioneer encyclopedist of Italians in America, Schiavo spent 60 years researching the role of Italians and Italian Americans in the discovery, exploration, and development of America from the 15th through the 20th centuries. Richly illustrated and with a leather-bound cover. 238 pages hardcover. Previously selling for $25

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The Stone Carvers: Master Craftsmen of Washington National Cathedralby Marjorie Hunt

The Stone Carvers presents the lives and careers of two Italian American master stone carvers who have spent decades creating the sculptural works, such as gargoyles, pinnacles, saints, and angels that embellish Washington National Cathedral. Illustrated with many photographs, the book records the stone carving process, highlighting the carvers’ complex body of technical knowledge and underlying aesthetic attitudes.

 $27.95 (includes postage and handling)

Making History- A Handbook for Italian American Social History Projects
by Dominic Candeloro

 A handy guide published by the National Italian American Foundation that outlines the necessary steps needed to be taken in order to create and present a successful project on the history of Italian Americans.

 $4.95 (includes postage and handling)

Lucky Peski
by Pamela Gleason

 An inspiring biography of Carl A. Pescosolido, a first generation Italian American determined to make a life for himself in the fast-evolving, bustling, struggling, young country that was America. “Peski,” as he was known, was very involved in the Italian American community- advocating a positive image of Italian Americans across the country. He was closely linked with the National Italian American Foundation, the Dante Alighieri Society, and the Language Society at Harvard University.

 $19.95 (includes postage and handling)

Be Our Guest In Bergamo
Published by the Comune di Bergamo

 Bergamo is steeped in history and boasts a rich and original heritage in both architecture and fine art. It is no coincidence that the town is known throughout Italy as “Citta d’arte.” At the same time, Bergamo and its surrounding lands represent one of the most economically advanced regions in the country-thanks to the province’s highly streamlined manufacturing and financial base. Within these pages, this Northern Italian city comes alive and a new appreciation for its untapped beauty is discovered. 

 $12.95 (includes postage and handling)
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