Confessions of a Sissy Roofer(3 minutes)

I love my sissy roofer self.
Sissy roofers are a very good thing!

Sissy roofers wear gloves while working,
So their hands don’t turn to hooves.

Sissy roofers wear knee pads while kneeling,
So their knees don’t fail them before they’re 40!

Sissy roofers are ethnically ambiguous.
They know black and white is an attitude.
They aspire to be golden inside.

Sissy roofers meditate while working
(chop wood carry water pound nails)

Hoping to summon up the virtu for
Spontaneous and exuberant hugs
Of the sweet ones, and courage for
Sober dancing in the streets
(arms waving high!)

Sissy roofers send their friends to AA
Or family therapists,
Instead of tying one on with the bubbas
And whining about their lot.

Sissy roofers loathe Rush Limbaugh,
Preferring MPR. They voted for
Adalai, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy,
And now tilt toward Obama.

Sissy roofers partner with strong women,
And look forward to the day
When the corporate boys wake up and
Offer 50 pound bundles, so
Women, elders, and small bodied peoples
Can ply our nobel trade.

Sissy roofers are like the harpooners of Moby Dick,
Except they would never wish to harpoon a whale these days.
They would rather ride whales, in the sea and on the land.

Sissy roofers read the mystic poets of all of God’s children,
To help them deal when a comrade falls to brain injury or death.

Sissy roofers are obsessive about the use of time…
And attention to detail.
If you waste time, you make no money.
If you can’t create a roof
That’s like a 100 page manuscript without one typo,
You make no money.

Sissy roofers read the Greek tragedians,
To find support in facing up to this highly painful world of being.

Sissy roofers have a chance to climb high on the roofs at 60.
Macho roofers are done for, in the main, around 40.

Sissy roofers have more fun.
They make more money.
They win respect.
They respect themselves.

If they ever get too old to climb
Sissy roofers will return to the ground
Work with radiant wastes and worms, and
Bring heavenly food to kitchen tables
Working with rather than warding out
The waters of the heavens.

Viva, Sissy Roofers!

There’s Life for Me In My Dad’s Backyard(1.5 minutes)

There’s life for me
In my Dad’s backyard!

The sweetest cherry tomatoes
I’ve ever had!

Wood chips, veggie surplus,
Brewers yeast, coffee grounds…straw,
Throwing out heat for our winter hoop house,
Food for our 10,000 red wriggler worms all year round,
Who make love with our soil
And give birth to beautiful black gold.

Out black gold is a soil so nutrient rich
That red radishes, dark green spinach,
Red chard, light green peas,
Giant yellow sunflowers…arugula and mescline mix
Seem to grow overnight!

Our red raspberries are 5 to 6 ft. high!
We’ve 5 tomato varieties fit for the Riviera.

And now this incredible Riverwest artist,
Shawn Gurath, has painted two giant horses
Two doves, and either a burning bush
Or the new Eden’s apple tree
In a backdrop of perrywinkle blue
On our once ugly garage wall
We see upon looking out our kitchen window.

This backyard alive is in a quite working class ‘hood
In a community of 5 emerging planetary villages in…

Bay View, Wisconsin,
On a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan!

I love my Father’s house!


Sweet Red Cherry Tomatoes From Your Harambee Garden(l.5 minutes)

Have you ever wished to venture forth beyond
Your primal ancestral circles
And see what’s up in the village
Across the river from your own?

Have you ever longed for sweet red cherry tomatoes
So fresh and juicy the old world
Protestant or Catholic in you worries that
Eating them might be some kind of carnal sin?

Have you ever felt the joy of sacred fatigue
At the end of a workout in rich soil
Hands in the dirt, good sweat, and
Joyous work laughter moments with friends?

Have you ever imagined that…

Your nation gave rise to a movement
With other nations you are learning to love,

With an eye, strong body, and heart
Fixed on the prize of
Ten thousand backyard city farms.

With 4 chickens (no rooster) each
(Roosters visit from the early rising towns)

Eyes on the prize of…

Ten Thousand community farms and gardens,
In old industrial city neighborhoods,

Transforming themselves into

Planetary villages of grace, beauty, and health?

And the nation chose a leader
Who could understand all this!

Too Much Snow and Rain to Roof 2008

The Mouse and the Worm Transformed Milwaukee(1.5 minutes)

There was a time when everyday people
Were too disconnected to intensely engage and prevail
In turf and other struggles with the commercial classes.

But then the mouse of the internet connected them so well
That powerful visions spread like prairie fire
And quite “small” people became quite large
And began to prevail and save sacred buildings and sacred spaces
In the face of outraged opposition from the commercial classes.

There was also a time when everyday people
Were too disconnected from their ancestral power
To grow healthy and tasty food in their yards and ‘hoods.

But then the worms of Will Allen’s Growing Power
Were spread so widely to the four season kitchen and community
Gardens that Milwaukee awakened to the folly of reliance on
Food from distant places grown primarily for profit and often
With frightening disregard for health, safety, and evolution.

And 10,000 gardens blossomed in neighborhoods once written off
As ghetto and violent and ugly, and the people reconnected with
Nature, used waste products for radiant energy,
Became strong and sure enough to ask neighbors for favors
And found themselves walking the sidewalks and biking the streets
Past corner community gardens of beauty and conviviality.

The mouse helped connect people in the realm of mind.
The worms helped connect people in the realm of body.
The mouse and the worms helped connect people in the realm of …Soul!

Lovingly Composting The One Dimensional Man(.5 minutes)

We need not worry to bury
The one dimensional man.

Why not intend him,
Gently, gracefully…

Into the compost pile
Of the human race.

It’s time for the one dimensional man
To go away.

Let’s Fix Our Eyes

Let’s fix our eyes
On the prize
Of a new civilization
Because it’s time.

You’re Delicious!

To certain peoples the parents die
Once the children are born.

Men and women with children
Die to themselves and become
Their children’s food. But…

We are more than food
For our children!

We are food
For our lovers!

Food for
Our friends!

We are food
For our neighbors!

And slowly becoming
Food for humanity!

Tasty, in the main.
Bitter, sometimes.

An acquired taste,
For some.

For others.

We are the most organic
Energy to be found.

We are each other’s

And you, my sweet,
Are delicious!

December 28, 2006

Help From My Sweet Ones

I cannot decide which of the above
To omit because of time’s constraints.

So some of the sweet ones of the Holy City
Have been asked to help for
Peddling My Folk Poems with the Earth Poets!

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