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To my understanding I hear that some people want to put an end to our facilityís location. My name is Lylenel Harris and as a student at Project School-to-Work, I donít understand why someone would want to come to shut down a program that is so successful. I started here with only 11 credits and through the exceptional one-on-one attention that these teachers give I found that this program has made me successful. Now I have 23 credits and am ready to graduate. But thatís not what weíre here to talk about; we (students) donít only get an education but also a second chance. Going through the struggles that I did in other MPS Schools was simply because the school was just too crowded which caused me to lose focus due to concentration problems. This school, this location is just fine where it is. My life has made a huge turn around since Iíve been here. I never imagined myself graduating because when I was at school I didnít understand the information being given. But here, the teachers make sure that you understand the info from the pace of speech and from the way they take you through the lessons begin taught. Throughout my time here Iíve seen students graduate with the motivation to attend college, while other students come back to talk about there success since theyíve left this school. When I arrived at PSTW, I thought to myself, ďWell hereís my chance to make something of myself because now I have a real chance at life.Ē

Project School-to-Work is a facility that has been well known in the community for years, thorough the well respected students that attend and the teachers that have helped turn these kidís lives around. I personally find this facility to be much more than just a school but a chance to experience life itself. The teachers here help students with learning disabilities, personal problems and they also help students find jobs. The location is so open to the community and everything is in walking distance. We have our public library, museum, educational seminars through MATC, and we help serve food the less fortunate though our community church, St.James. Since I have a voice I would like to be heard in support of keeping our facility right where it is, where it can serve students like me the best. Iíve seen students come back and tell these teachers thank you because they went from working at McDonalds to being Registered Nurses. This building should stay open because if our teachers can change the lives of todayís students, just imagine what they can do for tomorrows.

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