Peace Learning Center.

We have focused on providing a 5 hour workshop for 4th grade classes in Riverwest and now in quite a number of schools across Milwaukee. The Pettit Foundation gave us a grant which we are now carrying out in February and March. In these two month we are providing 24 classes the all school day workshop.

Our aim is now to move up and also do workshops with 13–15 year olds. We have hired a part time Director, Evelyn Ang, who also teaches at the UWM Mediation Center. Their students have helped
put on the workshops assisting the three paid facilitators.

Here are the dates of the upcoming workshops, should you want to participate or stop by for a short time to get a taste.
3/1 Vieau School
3/2 McDowell
3/7 Vieau
3/14 Golda Meier
3/15 McDowell
3/16 Golda Meier
3/20 West Side Academy
3/21 Golda Meier
3/22 West Side Academy
3/28 Lloyd School
3/29 Lloyd
3/30 Lloyd

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