Timbuktu is a great place from which to explore the possibilities of becoming a peddler and/or a peddler merchant as one of one’s thousand masks.

There are many “creatives” from all over the planet showing up at Timbuktu.

The owners of Timbuktu, Youssouf Komara and Omar Gagale, are good and honest men with vision and sound judgement. They will be happy to connect people with a product or service to sell in the marketplace with people who would work creatively to help them find buyers.

The power of the world wide web is there for creatives and peddlers at Timbuktu. The owners, workers, and supporters of Timbuktu can offer just about any internet resource one could wish for.

Doing business and framing deals is enhanced by the environment of Timbuktu. There is usually excellent, soothing, and/or inspiring music in the background. The decor is bright and rich with African art and imagery. The air is light, the food and drink are excellent, the service and the clientelle are pleasing to the senses. Timbuktu is a place to enjoy old friends and meet new friends.

Many new connections of quality will be sparked and nurtured at Timbuktu.

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