Dear All,

It is my intention to spark connections between Milwaukee citizens and our finest “people’s lawyers.”

Guard the law like you would the city walls, an ancient told me.

But who is to guard the lawyers and the judges?

We are.

With the power of truth, conveyed by the people and for the people.

One great source for the conveyance of truth is Milwaukee’s emerging mind on line.

If you are reading this, methinks you are “in” the “mind on line.”

It is a fine virtual mind!

Not quite as magnificent as our “material minds.”

But then, have they not been spectacularly but slowly growing for 10,000, 000 years or so?

So our “social minds on line” are doing quite well for so recent a creation.

I easily see a direct link between our mind on line and the Avalon Theater’s salvation for the generations.

It is our mind on line that is Saving the Soldiers Home.

Our mind on line kept the warship from the Lake.

Our mind on line will astonish the world with our red carpet welcome for the NAACP.

Our mind on line has brought our racially troubled city the cleansing spirit of Timbuktu in Riverwest.

Diversity is strength, much easier, because there are now minds on line.

Our mind on line has given notice to the world

That Bay View is bursting with knowledge workers and “creatives.”

“Commonwealth creatives.”

Seeking rainbow nieghbors and rainbow neighborhoods.

People who would just as soon make a little history as make money.

People modest but willing to fill their bags with holiness and try to make something new.


There are not that many people who practice the law

Who quite “get” what the Bay View or other Minds On Line are all about.

How many lawyers are there directly with us on line right now?

How many lawyers would we even want to be with us on line here and now?

More than the cynics think.

But less, perhaps, than one who errs on the side of trust.


There are two attorneys at one firm in Milwaukee
who have steered me
through the valley of darkness
more than once.

After the Beans and Barley fire in 1993
Found me accused by a fireman,
And my complex thoughts,
not quite properly understood by most publics…

There was one attorney in town,
Who called me the next day,
Offering to help me face
a $2,500,000 lawsuit,
With a liability policy of $1,000,000.

I went to his office,
I felt totally at ease in his presence.
He offered a calm razor sharp flashing mind,
Of modesty and dignity.
I could see a good heart and conscience without scar.

I told him my story of the Beans and Barley fire,
His presence inspired inner peace and calm,
Which gave rise to my best expression.
I spent an hour with Nikola, my new lawyer,
He charged me $75, his going rate in 1993.

With Nikola on my team,
Over the next 6 years,
I worked on my defense,
With another fine lawyer, James,
My insurance company provided.

I had my lawyer daughter Rachel,
Now a law professor at Seeton Hall,
talk with my other new lawyer Jim,
And she judged him bright and of high morals.
I never had to introduce Jim to Nikola.

After 6 years with bankruptcy hanging over my head,
The trial finally came,
I went in there alone, just me and lawyer Jim,
Who also invited his son to come,
To witness an exciting case.

Nikola was not at the trial.
I had not even talked with him about
the Beans and Barley fire,
Since that first meeting.
He was there when and if I needed him.

I did not want to spend another $75
Unless I thought I had to.

The trial came.
Lasted many days.
The truth was allowed
Its slow time to emerge.
I won the trail.

The “Journal” ignored that victory.
Jim sent them a press release.
I wonder why no one followed this story’s conclusion,
After my picture and the accusation were front page news

 Back in 1993.

I gladly paid the $75 my attorney Nikola
To defend me in a $2,500,000 lawsuit,
When I had only $1,000,000 in liability insurance.
He gave me an hour of his time. That’s all I needed.
Plus Jim and myself and the truth.

The truth is perhaps the most powerful energy
Second only to love.
An attorney who loves her work,
Loves the people, and loves the authentic law,
Is worth letting the people know about.

Might anyone share an attorney story with me.
Might anyone introduce me on line
To their choice for “people’s attorney?”
Why don’t we make a book on line
With bio fragments on attornies of consience.

In individual communications
I am happy to make on-line introductions
To my “people’s attorney.”

I would very much appreciate on-line introductions
To other “people’s attorneys,”
Discovered through the work of our minds on line.

I can imagine my attorney having the brains
To experiment the practice of law
using the social mind on line and one to one e-mail links.

And face to face I Thou encounters when necessary.

What say?

Why not?

Clear sailing,


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