Kids Come First for Peter Blewett

  • A Proven Leader: Peter works to bring people together because our kids come first.

Peter has established community partnerships to bring resources to our schools. Because of Peter, MPS has stronger relationships with the Hunger Task Force, Milwaukee Shakespeare Company, UWMís Creative Writing program, Children’s Hospital, and many more organizations.
Peter supports the Milwaukee Partnership Academy, which brings together political, business, and educational leaders twice a month to promote an agenda that focuses on student achievement.
With the support of community leaders, Peter led the board in banning pesticides from schools, in adopting a sweatshop-free purchasing policy, in saving Potter’s Forest, and in enforcing a workable community-benefits program in MPS construction contracts.

  • An Innovator in Education: Peter is focused on student achievement.

Peter was selected as “Educator of the Year” in 1999. Among other accomplishments, he created and directed the Cardinal Stritch University Writing Program.

Peter has championed service learning in our schools to teach students responsibility.

Peterís “Writing Initiative,” designed to get every student writing every day, was unanimously adopted by the board.

  • Fiscally Responsible: Peter has led the fight against irresponsible mandates.

When his predecessor failed to reform Head Start, Peter rolled up his sleeves and brought MPS Head Start into compliance after more than twenty years of neglect. Thanks to Peter, Milwaukee will likely keep Head Start for another twenty years.
Peter supports local control of taxpayer dollars. He is tired of legislators who pass laws requiring local governments to levy taxes for programs that the legislature created. Peter says, “If you canít pay for it, donít pass it.”

Peter wants every school that receives public dollars to account for how they spend those dollars. Every school that receives public funds needs to open their books to the public, just like public schools do.

  • Committed and qualified: Peter is the best candidate because of who he is.

MPS parent: Peter knows how valuable education is. Peter wants MPS to work for every child like it has worked for his loved ones.
Concerned neighbor: Peter and his family have lived in the Sixth District for nearly twenty years. Peter is proud of his membership in the Sherman Park Community Association.

Committed leader: Peter and his family worship at Saint Sebastianís Parish. Before joining Saint Sebastianís, Peterís family worshiped at the Cathedral of Saint John, where he served on the Parish Councxil for several years.

Educated to serve: Peter earned his MA in English at Marquette University, and his Ph D in English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • Fighter for our kids: Peter is the best candidate because of what heís done.

Peter believes that it is time for kids, not time to go back to a board that protected their individual interests.
Peter believes that results matter. He didnít just complain about graduation rates, since he has been on the board, graduation rates have increased four years in a row.

Peter believes that all kids count. Since Peter has been on the board, the achievement gap between minority students and white students has narrowed.

Peter believes in and works toward board unity. The biggest story of Peterís presidency is that the papers arenít publishing stories about the bickering school board. The board needs to focus on the kids and not their personal agendas. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Peter extended an “olive branch” to his opponents by naming them to key committee spots. Peter vows to continue to foster unity on the board.




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