Poetry and Prose 2005

Peddling the Evolution

We’re ready for a New Civil Rights Movement.
Let’s just call it a Movement.

When we say “The Movement”
Please hear “many movements.”

When we say “New Civil Rights Movement,”
Also hear “United Democratic Front.”

Father Mathi gave me that,
And much, much more.

We have inherited the resources
For transcendence.

May we start on the field of
Mythopoetic Visions?

May we dream of becoming
Midwife to Saints?

People’s priests and priestess
Able to live on alms from the people?

May we imagine making history
In this one lifetime
Might we telescope history,
Accelerate our adaptations…now?

Would you consider rallying your people
For some kind of grace-ful revolution…

We might call…Peddling the Evolution

May we commence in one small place,
Called “Riverwest.”

Might we spark the Evolution
in Riverwest?

The evolution conceived as global,
begun as local, in Riverwest.

And even more concretely,
At Timbuktu, in Riverwest?

Timbuktu is a lost kingdom
Being renewed, in Riverwest.

We must start with the Soul,
Of the people, at Timbuktu, in Riverwest.

Why not bathe our Riverest Souls
in Sufi poetics, at Timbuktu, in Riverwest.

What say we make there lovely tablets
Of our transcendent visions, with REDPENS.

R…for rainbow renaissance,
Moments, citizens, and round table teams.
All of God’s children, Diversity is Strength.

E…for ecological thoughtfulness,
Smart growth and sustainable development.
Learning natural laws and respecting Mother Earth.

D…for urban design
Beauty sparks exuberance, the golden rule,
The golden mean.

P…for preservation.
Stewards of our glorious built and natural environments,
Guardians of our foundation stone of liberty.

E…for enterprise.
Private and community creations for authentic wealth,
Social enterprise experiments, business with soul.

N…for neighborhood.
Thought global, practice local.
A village to make a child and a complete citizen.

Our tablets with redpen principles
Can be in stone and on line.
As many tablets as the souls signing on.

May we consider some intermediate goals,
Perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize for our work,
A Nobel Peace Prize for a city, organization, or neighborhood.

A Nobel Peace Prize for a Neighborhood

This is the easiest for me to envision.
Riverwest would be my starting point.
The Riverwest Vision.

The people of Riverwest in quest of transcendence
Since the founding moments
Centuries ago.

We have lovers of Riverwest
Ready right now,
To share this story from the dawn of time.

Riverwest transcendence and the Indians,
Then the French, the Yankees, the Germans, the Poles,
The Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and “New Americans.”

Let’s present those stories to ennoble our visions,
How about starting at Timbuktu,
The crossroads of cultures, in Riverwest on Center.

Let’s seek story tellers,
Starting on line,
Perhaps a story theme a month.

Our mythopoetic dream vision drama
Will be vastly enhanced
With rich stories of those who came before.

Let’s seek vision artists,
Crafting words, singing songs, making art,
That gives direction and spark to our actions.

Our hero quests for self and community
Cannot be heroic without visions
Appropriate. No exceeding destiny here.

Let’s seek partners, near and afar
Presenting reasons for partnering for transcendence,
Guided by the golden rule and golden mean.

Different levels of partnering,
Nanosecond partners, who allow themselves awareness,
Modest supporters and full fledged engages’.

Let’s seek easy conversations with our partners,
Shared stories and visions,
Experiments in actions around shared interests.

May we seek partners from within and without,
From near and afar?
Partners who help craft our vision and act upon our dreams.

From each according to their ability and resources,
To each according to their contribution,
Useful concepts at this stage of history?

Experimental project teams
For truth, justice, and beauty,
Liberty, equality, and community?

Partnering for accelerated adaptations
Autocatalytic creations,
Support corporations for self-managed firms?

Reciprocal altruism and win-win games,
Energy equals MC 3, co-ops at Soldiers Homes,
Masses for communion, communications, and compassion.

On a more prosaic plain,
Why not a vision of a Nobel Peace Prize
For a neighborhood, say, Riverwest.

Why should Nobel Peace Prizes
Reinforce individual charisma,
So often a source of calamity?

Why not a Nobel Peace Prize
For Charismatic Neighborhoods or Villages,
Global “Golden” and “Rainbow” Urban Villages.

A Nobel Peace Prize for Riverwest,
An Evolutionary Global Village,
Where it is daily proven that diversity is strength.

A mighty collaboration, starting on-line,
To spark a drama designed to win
Nobel Peace Prizes for urban villages.

A Nobel Competition for Global, Urban Villages,
Conforms to our natures this moment in time.
I propose networks of projec teams starting on line.

Our on-line conversations require a human touch,
Say lovely gatherings at sacred places
Where voice for all is easily offered and received,
Mixed with song and dance and love.

A zen-like quest for a Holy Grail,
The Mary Christ Budha Mohammed Abraham Gaia
Natures and other divines in each of us brought forth for the cause.

Consilience, i.e. pulling together, for this long march,
Combining the highest expression of science and art,
Consience joined with combinatorial play, a joyful start.

Who will build this data base
Of brothers and sisters
Working for the evolution?

Why not student interns,
Semi-employed creatives
And boomers retiring from the marketplace?

Once we discover who the renaissance players are
Electronic and soulful communication is the way,
Easy talk on line, joyful, even ecstatic play.

The evolution won’t happen without
lots of talk and lots of play,
On line, in the real, sometimes fray.

Once we know who to talk and act with,
What to do?
Where to start?

I propose a single overarching goal,
The quest for a Nobel Peace Prize
For global, urban villages.

A Nobel Peace Prize
For Riverwest,
By 2010.

This gives us 5 years,
5 years for yearly goals.
Let’s proceed year by year.

Year One would find us
Creating on-line connections
for inside and outside projects.

A key outside project
Would pertain to lobbying
the Directors of the Nobel Committees.

Who might wish to form a project team
Designed to inspire the creation
of Nobel Peace Prizes for global villages?

A key inside project would involve
Connecting with at least one great leading spirit
Working in at least one of each “redpen” arenas.

Year Two would involve visions and actions
Rooted in the contextual theology and humanism
Of the Year One Song.

What say?

Why not?

To be continued, God willing,
kul am u-into bcheer, peace, love, light and happiness-Godsil

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