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5 in 5 10 or 20!

“5% World’s School’s W. Digitally Enhanced Aquaponics Demos”

My focus is advancing 5% in 5 10 or 20, i.e. 5% of the schools of the world with digitally enhanced aquaponics demos with teachers and/or parents as personal mentors

Jesse Blom, SWF Milwaukee director, offers this demo for a start.

Please see a rough instructional manual for a 10-gallon aquarium tank-turned aquaponics system at educational site:

click on the link that says “SWF 10-gallon model”

then please explore the rest of the site for more information and potentially for you or others to earn digital badges for your accomplishments.

Digitally enhanced

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Aquaponics Demos

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Earth Renaissance Integral Urban Roofs

Mindfully save roofs of industrial era buildings
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Project design in harmony with the context
Open source global charrette process

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St. Louis U. Alumni Merit Award Harvesting

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Michael Novac On Capitalism

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