So who says Holy Cities are only far away
And in the mist of times?

Why cannot we here today aspire to create
Holy Cities, if not in our one lifetime,
At least as part of a 7 generation project?

If we are to create a Holy City of Milwaukee,
Unifying visions are called for, and
A myriad of conversations and experiments
Involving baby steps toward that glorious day.

There are at least 10,000 roads to take
On the way to our Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas.
Let’s call some of those the “Riverwest Roads.”

Since discovering the promise of Riverwest
Back around 1974, 7 years after I arrived from St. Louis
And settled east of the River, a number of prominent roads
Manifesting Riverwest ways have appeared.

Over the course of the next 10 yearss, in the way that I pray,
I pray to assemble the stories of Riverwest projects
That will not only win Riverwest a nobel prize for peace,
The first neighborhood ever to win this august honor,
But will also substantially accelerate that fine day
When the people awaken and realize that Milwaukee had made of itself,
The Holy City of the Sweet Water Seas.

Here is my choice of lead stories(you are welcome to offer your selection):

  • Dismantlng race, class, gender, and identity group oppression
  • Creating a central park through a cleansing river
  • Creating and diffusing food and artisanal cooperatives in and beyond Riverwest
  • Developing green building re-cycling projects and co-ops in and beyond Riverwest
  • Accelerating fruit and veggie local self-sufficiency through city farms and gardens
  • Fostering small business and social enterprise incubators
  • Creating public spaces and events that restore community
  • Develop edge of history open source community projects that harness the power of the internet for biodiversity and and bridging civilizations

Some of the project will be developed on Sunday mornings at the Riverwest Co-op from around 8:30 to around 10:30, where guests with great stories will gather, and free wiki lessons will be offered.

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