Great Lakes Roofer Emeritus to Brooklyn for Trouble Shooting & Mediation

I would like to win some paying gigs
To afford more and more time in Brooklyn.

The most obvious market offering right now
Seems to reside in skills, information, and
Even wisdom I’ve acquired over a 35 year career
As a hands-on roofer, contractor, small business owner.

Some concepts I plan to introduce to roofing companies,
Attorneys who represent roofing companies, developers,
And building owners:

done about 5,000 projects since 1975 and currently
handles $1,000,000 in annual sales

	-how to recruit  and keep good people
	-how to develop good safety & production levels
	-how to avoid callbacks and lawsuits
	-how to “institutionalize” company once founder
	ready to move on
	-accelerating demand by modest dollar outlays for promotional
	programs using internet, “movement” marketing,
	and media cultivation

  • Trouble shooting esoteric leaks other roofers can’t figure out

	-I suspect I have personally handled more “callbacks”
	than any roofer in the history of Wisconsin.  Returning
	to projects that leak has been my most profound
	source of professional development.  

  • Project Superintendent

        -I would be very selective around this theme.

  • Mediating controversial “roof system dramas”

	-figuring out why “it’s still leaks” and how to address
	the leak would be my most helpful mediation

	-harmonizing subjectivities in a world lacking 
	objective truth can be of help for attorneys,
	contractors, and building owners around thorny
	roof sytem issues

If you have any other ideas about people who could use some
of my other offerings, e.g. promotions and peddling, let me know.

What say?

Why not?

Clear sailing,


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