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Note: The first group of posts to this log were created when Godsil’s site was a single PmWiki/WikiGroup on the site.

Well, here we go: I just created this page when I saw that Godsil, in his introductory text, said “We hope to keep a running log of what we do here”. I simply clicked “edit”, at the top of the screen, and then changed “running log” to “RunningLog”. When I saved my changes, that “RunningLog” had become RunningLog, followed by a “?”. I clicked that “?” and the system brought me here to type this text.

Here’s what else I’ve done on this visit (and most of it was probably easier to do than to write about):

  • I’ve fixed a few typos and mis-spellings - I have a little spell-checker utility installed on my browser that lets me check the contents of edit boxes.
  • I added some formatting to a couple of spots to try to break up the look of the page a bit and add some emphasis to help readers keep track of where they are in the narrative.
  • I noticed that two pages had a problem with the text running way off the screen to the right. That is a consequence of having a paragraph begin with one or more spaces, rather than with a character (which is generally a consequence, in turn, of pasting material from another source into the Wiki edit box). All it takes to fix this is to
    • spot the paragraph that appears in mono-spaced, Courier New (or similar) font, and then
    • edit the page
      • scroll down to that paragraph and
      • delete the spaces before the first character.

Here are some thoughts I have about things that could be done to improve Godsil’s site:

  • Right now all of the pages of his site appear as links in the vertical bar to the left of the main section of the page - which is a good thing, but may be overwhelming, so it might be a good idea to create an intermediate page for a table of contents that doesn’t follow the structure to that level of detail.
  • OR maybe the reverse would be better? Maybe the left bar should not have the complete set of detailed links, and instead we should ensure that those links are to be found on the pages that do appear on the left bar?
  • Looking at the MilwaukeeRenaissanceProjects page, I think links there might be re-organized into groups (still on that page) - Godsil, are there some common elements to some of them, that you could organize around?

Here’s an administrative issue - we should decide whether we’re going to follow the blog and email convention of adding to this RunningLog at the top. (later edited to say: apparently not) For that matter, should we agree to sign and date our contributions, even though that information is available by viewing Page History?

(Assuming yes) — Tegan Dowling, 26 Nov, 2004

To: Wiki Master and Wiki Worker Carlson and Dowling Respectively

I agree that there is too much going on in the left profile and that we need some categories to structure things. I think Renaissance Projects can be divided into 3 main groups: Economic Projects; Cultural Projects; Political Projects. There is overlap and interaction among these three categories.

Economic Projects

  • Community Roofing and Restoration
  • Restoration Artisans
  • Artist Knowledge Worker Heroes
  • Milwaukee Renaissance Gift Catalogue
  • Historic Milwaukee Neighborhood Small Business Social Enterprise

Cultural Projects

  • Save the Soldiers Home Movement
  • NAACP Soldiers Home Tribute
  • Heritage and Cultural Tourism
  • Milwaukee People’s History
  • After Work Bucketworks Timbuktu Song Dance Poetry Performance Art

Political Projects

  • Timbuktu Bucketworks NAACP Collaboration
  • Internet Empowerment of Milwaukee Working Classes
  • Voter Mobilization

Godsil, 9:54 P.M. Nov. 26, 2004

Godsil: That’s great - just what I was looking for. I’ll get on that a little later this weekend - I’m stealing a few Wiki Minutes in the middle of cooking and preparing for my family’s Thanksgiving Saturday. Meanwhile, notes:

  • I saw you sent some emails with a link to Godsil.HomePage, but the only thing on the HomePage was “LeftBar” - so I put a redirect in there, which will forward folks immediately to the Introduction. Easy to change again, later, if you want your home page to function as a directory or something else.

  • Other emails that you’ve sent, suggesting that people check out MilWiki, have directed them to and said to “scroll down to “MilWiki”. That won’t work, as MilWiki isn’t referenced on the home page. Oops. So instead, you might suggest they go to

Later. Tegan Dowling 27 November, 2004, 11:17 am

Later is now: I’ve created those groups on the MilwaukeeRenaissanceProjects page; see what you think. As for the level of detail in the left bar vs a t.o.c. on the home page or elsewhere, I think I’d like James’ thoughts on it before forging ahead. James?

Meanwhile, I did go ahead, in an experimental spirit, and manually create the top-level t.o.c. on the home page - which cannot be seen, of course, except by going to Godsil?

While here I had the privilege of tweaking (or the gall to tweak - eye of the beholder) the entry you created about me at TeganDowling (Thanks for all the kind words) - I just put in some paragraph breaks, a spell-check and some links. Hope you like it ok </toe in dirt>.

Your fan,

Tegan Dowling 27 November 2004, 9:16 pm

Yo Tegan!

Thanks for good ideas and work re MilWiki and Home Page with Intro already waiting. I like the organization of the varied “renaissance projects.” I too think there are too many items on the left bar, but I don’t know how to edit the left bar stuff.

What does “t.o.c.” mean? :) — ‘table of contents’ (td)

Might you let us know how much time you spend on this fine tuning so we can offer our fine citizens some idea of what this kind of work will cost.

Much time passes…Godsil adds pages like a drunk spends money…Godsil fronts $200 to gets his own wiki site set up…work commences to migrate his pages from a single PmWiki/WikiGroup to many (think: from one folder to many).

Setup issues:

  • What email addresses, and where does email go?
    • Webmaster@ and Postmaster@ go to new webmail account; Godsil@ and catchall redirect to Godsil’s old account.
  • What color scheme?
    • Blue - coming soon
  • Stop adding stuff over on the old site, durnit!

Structural issues:

  • Break out Public vs Private groups of groups
  • Special, separate status for
    • Online Journal of Social Enterprise
    • NAACP/Soldiers Home
    • Daughters free from Domestic Violence

TeganDowling March 08, 2005

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