Dear All,

Please check the linked letter by two of Milwaukee’s foremost historic preservationists, Geoff Grohowski and Sandy Folaron, respectfully but urgently seeking a meeting with the Mayor, Developers, and the Preservation Community to save the Pabst City Development. Geoff and Sandy have already rallied the people to Save the Finney Library and to Save the Soldiers Home. To our great city’s credit, they are succeeding on these fronts. Mayor Barrett and Commissioner Marcoux have shown great leadership of late around the issue of the Soldiers Home.

Please join Geoff, Sandy, and the preservation community to call for a meeting to slow down a process that may end in the destruction of a priceless community asset, the last intact representation of Milwaukee’s old large-scale world famous signature breweries…Pabst City!

Your sending a simple e-mail to the Mayor supporting this meeting will save history for the generations, and will increase the chances for Milwaukee to continue its trajectory toward a jewel of an Historic City, winning heritage and cultural tourists dollars, attracting and retaining the best and brightest “knowledge workers” of the future, and neighborhood renewal by its thoughtful mix of old and new in renaissance downtown and historic neighborhoods.

Write to: Mayor Tom Barrett……………………….mayor@milwaukee.gov

Please send carbons of your letter to…………….cmtyroof@execpc.com

You “voice” for the generations, if you wish, will be stored at


Historic preservation is a key element of sustainable economic development. Urban beauty brings urban “brains” for creative class development and higher value-added labor power for the world markets.

Save Pabst City,


Note: http://www.bucketworks.org/index.php/Godsil/SavePabstCity is a site that I will do my best to keep up to date on developments. You are invited to co-create this site with the simple to use “wiki” web software. Call 232 1336 if you need help.

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