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Dear All,

It would be a sacrilege to replace the iconic National Liquor Bar with yet another ugly Walgreens.

  • The CEOs of our great beer companies are predisposed to save this icon, the venerable National Liquor Bar.

  • The Human Resource and Public Relations Managers of the greatest Milwaukee industries, not just the breweries, want to keep Milwaukee interesting and unique for the new creative classes.

  • The nation will soon praise the pioneering work of Dr. Jill Florence Lackey, who knows how,,, sherman_blvd_task_force@yahoogroups.como set up neighborhood and culturally significant museums.

  • Heritage and cultural tourism promise to be a main growth industry for Historic Milwakee over the next decades, as witness the Lake Express Ferry. The professionals of this industry will help out as well.

  • The creative working classes of all our great identity groups who patronize our funky “working man’s country clubs”, i.e. neighborhood bars, would pass the hat around. The National Liquor Store Bar is part of Milwaukee’s “deep history.”

  • The Young Professionals of Milwaukee are looking to make some history and have some fun. Bring them into this grand alliance to save the National Liquor Bar!

Save the National Liquor Bar!

Clear sailing,



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Re: “Problem” properties

At 11:15 PM 12/10/2004, Virginia wrote:

I’m voicing an opinion here, so bear with me.

Lately, a couple of properties/buildings have been on the radar, with demolition threats. Both of these could be considered historic properties, both have/are causing neighborhood problems. The first is the National Liquor Bar, the second is the apartment building just west of Greg Filardo’s old house (now owned by Jim Deiter).. The pattern I’m seeing, and the thing that’s troubling me, is the idea that the only way to get rid of a problem property is to tear it down.

I would like to argue (strongly) that this is very short-sighted thinking. First of all, is the problem the Building, or is it the Owner? Buildings, in and of themselves, cannot cause problems. *Mismanaged* buildings cause many problems. I would argue that both of these buildings are not the actual problem, but are a symptom of the problem, that being property owners not taking responsibility (for whatever reason!) for the actions taken on or around (when related) their properties.

Yes, tearing down the National Liquor Bar buildings would solve the problem of drunks hanging around. Would tearing down that apartment building solve solve Jim Deiter’s problems? Probably. But what are we losing? We would not only lose these “problems” (caused by mismanagement), we would erase an important part of Milwaukee history, a part that can never be replaced. Every time we knock down an old building we risk tearing the fabric of our heritage. My personal opinion is that we need to be MUCH more careful when deciding that demolition is the only (or even best) option.

Have you ever LOOKED at either of these buildings? I was trying to get a picture of the apartment building today, I ended up stuck in West Allis (how depressing!) until after dark.. I’ll try again tomorrow. I want you to see this building. It is beautiful! This is not one of those ‘70′s monstrosities! This is an art deco inspired apartment building, built in 1925, smack dab in the middle of the “roaring 20′s”! It’s assessed at $97,500, having 25 units according to the City. 2436 W. Kilbourn. Owned by: ANDRZEJ SITARSKI , 1740 LAKE SHORE RD, GRAFTON, WI 53024

National Liquor Bar info:
2003, won Urban Design award: “This year’s winners are wonderful examples of how important design can be to the urban fabric,” Norquist said. “All of this year’s winners have elements of urban design which add value to the city and make it an interesting place to live, work and play.”

National Liquor Bar
2601 W. National Avenue
Famous for being known as the largest bar in Milwaukee, the National Liquor Bar has remained an icon on National Avenue as a local meeting place for generations.

Owned by: ARTHUR SCHMIDMAN & CHARLES PLUS, TRUSTEES, 12620 N LAKE FOREST CT MEQUON, WI 53092. Assessed at $255,000 (up from $176,000 last year).

(are you seeing a pattern here? These people don’t live anywhere near the City of Milwaukee, not even in Milwaukee County. They have no vested interest in ensuring that these buildings contribute to the quality of life in Milwaukee.)

To further drive home my point, many of you living on the West Side of Milwaukee live/work in former drug/rooming houses, causing MUCH damage to the neighborhood. What would have happened if the city would have taken the same course of action I see advocated here and just torn down all of those houses? Would you have what you have today? Think about it….

Virginia Cassel
NOT spoken as a representative of MPA, just me….

“Question authority.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“Shut up. Of course it is!”

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