Some Brief Statements of Endorsement of MPS School Board Director Peter Blewett

I urge everyone in the District #6 to join me in support of Peter in his campaign for reelection to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. In action and word, Peter has show his commitment to providing quality public education to the children and parents of Milwaukee.

Donelle Johnson

I certainly support Peter Blewett—John Kaye, West Side Housing Activist

Peter Blewett has played a very positive role as President of the Board of Milwaukee School Directors. He has put the interests of children first as he works to improve the Milwaukee Public Schools. He has fought for increased funding of our schools which are desperately short of resources. He has supported initiatives to improve the conditions of teaching and learning in our classrooms. He has also been steadfast in his opposition to privatizing our schools, refusing to put individual profit ahead of the human needs of our children.

I urge all people of Milwaukee to contribute to his campaign, work for his re-election, and to tell their friends who live in his district to vote for Peter.
- Bob Peterson, fifth grade teacher Fratney Street School

Peter is a parent. Peter is a teacher. Peter care about all our children. Some say the children are first but for Peter it is fact. Just last week Peter lead the fight to stop the closing a number of buildings and programs. Our first priority must be getting art, music, counselors and physicleducation back into our elementary schools and smaller class sizes and adequate books in our high schools. Peter sees CHOICE as a State issue not an MPS issue so candidates who support CHOICE have a build in conflict of interest. It is like a board member of Pepsi working for Coca Cola. We need Peter and his leadership and passion.
- Tom Spellman

Peter Blewett was the first elected official in my Save the Soldiers Home experience to connect the saving of the Soldiers Home with the mind and spirit of our children. Peter Blewett quickly saw that training, schooling, and cultural experiences could occur at the Soldiers Home site that would inspire our children to the highest form of patriotism. Peter Blewett understands the importance of beauty, music, song, dance, history, and thoughtful and caring love for our children’s school experience. His is a fine mind, good heart, and visionary spirit. Peter Blewett, methinks, is exactly the kind of leader in the field of education we need. He is brilliant and modest. Gets the job does. Follows through on his commitments. Good guy. Loves kids. Loves people. Works hard. Great future!
- Godsil

Iíve known Peter Blewett for over almost six years. I believe that you would be hard pressed to find anyone more passionate about public education than Peter. He believes in itÖstrongly! As president of the School Board, he played a key role in supporting the move of the Milwaukee French Immersion School to its new location at 52nd and North Ave. This has proven extremely beneficial for the program, for the children and for the entire city, which now has far greater access to one of MPSís outstanding programs. Prior to Peter assuming leadership of the Board, the school systemís ruling body was noteworthy for its squabbling and petty bickering. Now, there is a far greater sense of harmony on the School Board. We need to preserve that sense of focus on improving our schools, rather than promoting personal agendas, and the best way to achieve that continuity is to re-elect Peter Blewett in April.

Paul H. Henning
Member, Milwaukee French Immersion School Governance Council

I worked on Peter’s first campaign four years ago because he had vision for strong public schools. Peter still believes in this vision while continually working for the students and their families, not for the special interests that have invaded our school system. I urge everyone to support Peter, our children deserve an advocate on their school board.

Ruth Weill
Greater Milwaukee Green Party

Educators throughout this community have overwhelmingly endorsed Peter
Blewett in his bid for re-election to School Board District #6. Teachers and education support professionals share Peter’s commitment to the children of Milwaukee. They know that he is a strong voice for all children and an outspoken advocate for public education in this city. The residents of District #6 need Peter Blewett’s continued representation and support.

Bob Lehmann
Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

Since entering public service, Peter Blewett has brought both keen intelligence and unquestioned integrity to bear on the problems facing public education. I encourage those who share my concern for the well-being of our publc schools to actively support Peter’s re-election effort. The future of our public schools depends on his re-election.

Gerry Broderick,
County Supervisor

Peter played a crucial role in helping the WI Fair Trade Campaign get MPS toadopt a purchasing policy to buy only clothes made in factories that can provethey are not sweatshops.
- Steve Watrous

Having recently worked with Peter on getting an updated no sweatshop clothing Policy passed by the Board, one of the leadership qualities I admire about him is the manner in which he was able to use the issue to model collaboration and unity, as opposed to strident divisiveness, among Board members. He has done the same with other issues which could have been contentious, like the policy doing away with pesticides near schools and insisting on enforcing the minority business contracting and neighborhood worker hiring policies in carrying out the Neighborhood Schools Initiative building program. He is currently very active in the Milwaukee Partnership Academy, a forum of community leaders representing government, labor and business working on a common legislative agenda of issues related to education. Thus he provides a positive role model for the students of MPS, and for the Milwaukee community, of how to make the world better through cooperation.
- Mike Howden

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with MPS School Board Director Peter Blewett both at my school and in the community for the last three years. He has been a strong advocate for our children in MPS and for the great schools they deserve. Director Blewett has also been a strong proponent for the Arts in MPS.

Director Blewett has been at my school, Westside Academy, and in my Art room, many times. Mr. Blewett has been instrumental in Westside Academy developing its successfull program and the Westside community center. Director Blewett has seen, firsthand, what amazing things the students at Westside, and in MPS, can achieve - from high test scores to being considered a successful school.

Director Blewett also realizes that a quality classroom needs a quality teacher. Mr. Blewett has worked hard to make sure MPS is both attracting and retaining quality teachers.

As a teacher working in MPS and a parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener in MPS, I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Peter Blewett to continue as MPS School Board Director #6.
- Jeffery W. Johnson

As a parent, I am very concerned about the state of our childrenís school system in Milwaukee. I believe we need strong, committed leadership to address the crisis that is looming as the federal and state government threaten to reduce funds for education and related programming. We need leaders who understand the importance of maintaining quality staff in our schools and will fight for the rights of all children to get a solid education while developing a true love of learning. I believe Peter Blewett has demonstrated that kind of leadership in his four years on the Milwaukee Public School Board. Peter is first and foremost an advocate for our children and has worked hard to ensure our school system meets the varied needs of families in Milwaukee. Peter reaches out to all the stakeholders - parents, teachers, principals, community leaders - to craft the best possible solutions for our childrenís education. He listens to us and understands our interest in being a part of the process to improve MPS. He is knowledgeable about the issues and keeps us informed about what is happening in MPS. Peter is a leader who respects and welcomes the shared commitment of all his constituents to promote the educational well-being of our children.

Amy Stear
Mother of Shay and Lucy, students at Neeskara Elementary

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