Dear All,

Please send an e-mail to Superintendent Andrekopoulos at

  • Andrekwg@mail.milwaukee.k12

imploring him to not deny our students and our city the great value of the current three schools that are housed in the historic and arrestingly beautiful 8th St. School at 609 N. 8th St.

Project Stay, Project School-To-Work, and The Project Stay Senior Institute are perfectly located in this lovely site. Their accomplishment and mission will be greatly diminished at a different location. The 8th St. Building must be saved as well.

With their great artistic skills, students at these 3 schools have created an interior space as warm, beautiful, and welcoming as the exterior of this building is grand and inspiring.

The 3 schools share resources and a common cause and spirit, enhanced by the beauty of the building and their ideal location: geographically central, easy bus access, proximity to city resources like the public library, museum, Milwaukee Art Center, city hall, the federal building, courthouse, M.U., MATC, volunteer sites, Grand Ave. mall, Marcus Center, Pabst Theater, Milwaukee Rep, and many job opportunities.

The Eighth St. School offers at-risk youth a safe and lovely site that affords them great advantage in finding jobs, intern opportunities, and big city, downtown resources. The 3 schools compliment one another and share staff and resources otherwise unavailable.

My daughter Megan greatly profited from this endangered school. She has created a web site that includes a picture of the school designed by the same architect who designed City Hall at

Peter Blewett is very much against closing 8th St. School, which is in his district. See

You can learn more about these highly successful educational innovations serving our at-risk students at

Please send cc’s of the e-mails you send the Superintendant to

Clear sailing,


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