I am recruiting “partners” to put together a class on “social enterprise” that would go from school to school, large schools and small schools, and from “workshop to workshop,” “speakers bureau to speakers bureau,” and so forth.

The people I would like to invite to be part of this “class,” are:

Omar Gagale
Lula Gagale
Youssouf Komara
Sandy Folaraon
Tess Reiss
Vince Bushell
Kat Keller
Sonya Jongsma Knaus
Tegan Dowling
James Carlson
Bill Sell
Virginia Cassel
Larraine Mc Namara Mc Graw
Dave Boucher
Gerald Coleman
Karen Spencer
Jalani Nation
Rodney Bly
Sherry Nation
Jerry Ann Hamilton
Karl Hedman
Erik Lindberg
Juanita Ellias
Hamid Alwan
Sky Schultz
Redonna Rogers
Sally Peltz

We would start out by having some on-line conversations about the concept.

If you have other people to recommend, please forward this letter to them.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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