Deat Steve,

Thanks for your great work!

I very much want to be a “nanosecond partner” of you and your group.

That means I will distribute to various groups of people I’ve organized into “on-line circles” yours and your groups’ broadcasts.

It also means I will feature you and your group as a speaker at either Bucketworks, the NAACP, Timbuktu, and/or the Soldiers Home sometime over the course of 2005.

To help me save time and retrieve information please create “subject” lines of great poetry and integrating/activating power” and don’t do attachments if you can avoid it, cutting and pasting, so I(we) don’t have to deal with the operation of opening an attachment(which brings anxiety to me because opening attachments infected me twice and wiped out vast quantitites of work).

Dear James,

If you would like to participate, along with Tegan,
Tina, Sura, Dave Neveranta, and others, in the creation of morning flames and flashes around themes we each and sometimes all hold dear, these are some concepts I am going to be addressing out our online morning marketplace, coffee house, agora, and people’s school at Bucketworks, NAACP, Timbuktu, the Riverwest Co-Op, and Soldiers Home, for starters.

Want to create some of your own categories for the Daily Flame? the Daily Flash? the Democratic Prairie Fire?


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