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This is an outline of much of what happened St. Patrick’s Day, 2004.

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When: St. Patrick’s Day Wed., March 17

Where: Acanthus Inn, 3009 W. Highland, noon to 4:30 p.m.

	Lula’s East African Cafe, 2921 N. Oakland, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Acanthus Inn Bed & Breakfast Events

We will eat corn beef and cabbage in the noon hour, and witness people holding forth and performing sometime between noon and 4:30 p.m. $12 donation.


  • Dave Boucher—ACTS CDC on Community Building & Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Andor Horvath- A2 Design on West Side Initiatives


  • Josephine Hill—Wisconsin African American Women’s Center
  • Peter Blewitt—School Board Member


  • Paul Jakubovich—Milwaukee City Historic Preservation Consultant & Author
  • Norman Dunkelberger—artist/architectural artist/mason
  • Blair Williams—Vice President - Development Mandel Group, Inc.


  • Vince Bushell-Mayor of Riverwest & Publisher “Currents” to talk on starting a nbd. newspaper
  • Tess Reiss—Gatekeeper of 300 Household Riverwest E-Mail Network—Neighborhood E-Mail Networks
  • Virginia Cassell-Milwaukee Preservation Alliance(MPA) and starting a school/development firm


  • Shelby Keefe—artist of Milwaukee Architectural Treasures as “Performance Painter w. Music”


  • Denis Kavanagh—Kavanagh Construction on Childhood in Ireland and Why Milwaukee as Home
  • Nancy Gregory—Co-founder/President of Linden Hill Garden Club
  • Mary M. Bennett, Owner, Party Wizards, on Party Planning Services Business and Milwaukee dog park issues


  • Omar Gagale—Lula’s Restaurant, talk on starting Kismayo, an African Culture & Music Venue
  • Sky Schultz—reading mystic Sufi poets Rumi & Hafiz
  • Edwin Thaves—Aldermanic Candidate


  • Sandy Folaron—Historic Commercial Street Revitalization
  • Barbara Wesson—wholistic health and dancy therapy, CORE El Centro.
  • Calvin Lee—Aldermanic Candidate


  • Grumpstilskyn Jug Band
  • Josh Fraundorf or Karl Ramirez, Community Roofing & Restoration, on old house restoration
  • Bob Trimmier—Citzens Allied for Sane Highways(CASH) on Anti-Freeway Widening


  • Judy Gottleib—songwriter, singer
  • Bob Graf—Catholic Worker/Milwaukee 14(tentative film on Milwaukee 14)
  • Harvey Taylor—Longshoreman, poet(tentative)


  • Robert Miranda—Editor of “Milwaukee Spanish Journal” on building bridges and embracing

diversity in Milwaukee.

  • Damien Jones—Peace Action/Green Party on Milwaukee Activism

Other possible presenters:

Vicki Bingham
Jeff Sherman—On Milwaukee.com
Chris Weber—Westside Open Market
Tom Spellman—Concepts for Reducing Violence
Tony Ends, Scotch Hill Farms—On Community Supported Agriculture
Annie Woodward—Candidate County Supervisor

We can eat and run, or eat and hang around this wondrous mansion.

Walter has also agreed to open his Bed & Breakfast to people from our gathering to have a night’s vacation on St. Patrick’s Night at the Acanthus Inn, for the “business” rate. See http://acanthusinn.prodigybiz.com/. for rates, pictures, and history of the Acanthus Inn.

Lula’s Cafe Buffet & Party

Omar Gagale has agreed to prepare a $12 per person East African Buffet, with $2 going to the Milwaukee Intern Project. Omar will have a cash bar as well! Omar will also be inviting some African intellectuals to meet with us that night.

St. Patrick wants very much to see a Renaissance in Historic Milwaukee.

What say!


Clear sailing,


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