This was sent to Marty Horning with cc’s to Bob Peterson and Stacey Williams at “Rethinking Schools,” Dave Boucher, Tanya Cromartie Twaddle, and Kat Keller of the “Washington Park Beat,” the “Riverwest Currents,” and the “Bay View Compass” respectively, Redonna Rogers of School for Entrepreneurship, Peter Blewett, President of the Milwaukee School Board, Larraine McNamara McGraw, co-founder with husband Will of Compassionate Progressives, James S. Carlson, Megan Wines Godsil, and Tegan Dowling of Bucketworks, and Omar Gagale of Timbuktu.

New School Community Can Co-Create Web Site at Milwaukee Renaissance

Student Web Sites at the New School

Hey Marty,

Were you to go to
and then to the link re educational models, there is a “garden plot” for the New School on this site. You can develop this “wiki practice site” and then, for very little cost, launch your own wiki web site.

It would be quite simple and cost nothing but some class time to give each student a site for their educational experiences at a New School Wiki Web Site.

Deschooling Society From A Bureaucratic To An Entrepreneurial Educational Model

You, your faculty, students, and student parents can take over this site or edit it at will by simply going to the top of the page and clicking “edit,” adding your stuff, then going to the bottom of the page and clicking “save.” This “wiki” web software is revolutionary and fits in perfectly, methinks, with the mission of your great school. This power comes from the great work of James S. Carlson, Tegan Dowling, and associates at There are wiki classes for $10 or $15 and wiki workstations at Bucketworks on MLK and the soon to be opened Timbuktu on Center/Booth in Riverwest.


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