Antler and Poniewaz
Are men who know the ten thousand positions
of Divine love.

I can tell by the light in Peter’s eyes
That he is still most familiar
with the few earthly ones.

Would not a good father
Instruct all his heirs
Toward that path that wioll someday
Deeply satisfy?

This world is a treacherous place
And will surely slay and drown the lazy.

The only lief raft here is love
And the Name.

Say it brother,
O, say the divine Name, dear sister,
Silently as you walk.

Don’t die again
With that holy ruby mine inside
Still unclaimed.

When you could be swinging
A golden pick with
Each step.

Karen Kolberg and Sky Schultz will be back, God willing, the last Tuesday of May, at Timbuktu, on Center and Booth, in Riverwest.


Why not?


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