Cc: Accessibility Warriors <>
From: Denise and Tom <>
Subject: [accessibility_warriors] Summerfest Parking

Dear Alderman Hines,

Jim Godsil asked us to send this note to you.

My husband and I went to Summerfest this year to meet some friends. When we
arrived at Summerfest we were shocked to fiund that Handicapped parking was
$25! This lot is at the east end of Polk Street right by the turnaround at
the entrance to the Summerfest grounds. The lot is laveled “H Premium
Parking”. We asked if any other parking was available but the attendant
didn’t know. She said the next lot over was charging $15, but it was
probably full. A half mile away there was a lot charging only $5, but
people with disabilities don’t have those kinds of options.

We had to drive by there tonight to get the exact location for you and
found them charging $8 at this lot and I can’t even tell you what festival
is there this weekend.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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