Vanity, Love, Ironic, or Instructional Cartoons for Many Occasions by Tea Krulos

As in “An American Rhapsody,” Milwaukeeans can now translate portions of their biography or some powerful image into a cartoon or comic book for their associates, clients, friends, and loved ones.

Jason Lange, a protege of Dennis Kitchen, cartoonist for the”Riverwest
Currents,” and publisher of “Riverwurst Comics,” is on-call for custom
cartoons with price ranges from $10 to $50.

Humorous Illustration 10
Sketches for Flyers $15
Complete Flyer $20 to 50
T-Shirt Designs $20
Mailing Label $20
Valentine Cards $15
Postcards $15 to $25
Article Illustrations $20
Logos $20 and up
Children’s Work Sheet $25
Comic Strips $30 per
Book Covers $25 to $50
Tatoo Design $30
Vanity Comic Book, 5 page, front in color, $360

These are starter prices that come from a portfolio I can show
people. Each of the above items can go up in price for added detail,
color, or other elaborations that increase the time to make them.

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