To: “Bay View Matters” <>
From: “Tegan” <>
Date: December 5, 2004
Subject: [bay_view_matters] New site for the BVNA

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to announce: The new website of the BVNA!

You can still go to, and while there see and do all the Bay View area things that the fine webmaster JimSpice has assembled for your seeing and doing pleasure, and then, when you’re ready for the Neighborhood Association, click on the BVNA button as always, and your browser will be redirected.

So now {link no longer active} (which is nice and short and easy to remember)
takes you to {link no longer active} (which isn’t, sadly)

As you see from the address, we’re occupying space on the website of for the moment. They have their logo and information across the top and down the left side of the screen (and they’re good, generous people with an interesting place). But the main, center of the page is ours. Please go and explore. If you have a question or comment, click on the “Comments” link just above the main, center of the page, and you’ll get a box at the bottom of the page to type in. PLEASE do!

We want your feedback on this - we want the site to be useful, and we want to know if anything is confusing or just a pain to deal with. So find that “Comments” link and use it.

WHAT’s THERE? We have the information about the election that’s coming up in February, when the BVNA membership will choose its board of directors. We also have information about membership, and how to run for a position on the board, and about the make-up of the board and the 9 sub-divisions of Bay View that will have representatives on the board - FIND YOURS!

There’s also information about Upcoming Events. Get involved, help out!

Thanks (yeah, I’m a little excited).

Tegan Dowling
head cheerleader for the website
BVNA Membership Chair

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