Stopping intimate violence is foundational to a peaceful and equitable world

The Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence
copyright 1999

 is a project initiated by 

Dr. Riane Eisler and Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams

Being violently abused in our most intimate relations is a horrendous human rights violation and the ultimate betrayal of trust, devastating the mind, body, and spirit. It is also a school for violence, as it is in intimate relationships that we first learn and continue to practice either respect for human rights or the acceptance of abuse as “just the way things are.”

The goal of SAIV is to stop the secrecy and silence shrouding these violent acts, thereby speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. This will lay the foundation for a more peaceful and equitable world. We can achieve this goal when spiritual communities unite with courage and love.

We invite you to join the SAIV Council and your organization to sponsor SAIV to protect the most basic human right: the right to safety in our own homes.

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