This is a letter I wrote to a Bay View Matters member in response to his complaint that in the 1950s Milwaukee would have rushed to embrace a warship on our Lakefront.

I am almost 60 and remember well the days of which you fondly recall.

Behind that sweetness was a world of submerged and colonized souls

Many of whom left the sick Southern society that had enslaved them

Came up to my home town of St. Louis, yours of Milwaukee(?),

With lots of catching up to do to win modern jobs in big cities.

And then there were those “independent” from European colonialism,

Also with lots of running to catch up. We learned of them in Vietnam.

And don’t forget the emergence of our “cowboy” leadership,

From southern and southwestern states, not like the LaFollette’s, the Marshalls, or Ikes.

Cruder men, cruder minds, cattlemen and hustlers in spirit, not farmers, artisans, mechanics or merchants.

LBJ’s lies, Nixon’s lies, the assassinations of great men like John, Martin, and Bobby

Set the stage for a dis-connect between citizens whose spirits rest with the Union Army.

The Confederacy, pesonified in the spirit of our current president, has roared back.

We must Save the Soldiers Home, final resting place of those who gave the full measure of devotion,

Against the Slavocracy, against Nazism, against Communism.

The Cowboy leaders of today are too busy grubbing for money, prancing for status,

Macho strutting in SUV’s to even pay a visit and cleanse their souls in these sacred grounds.


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