Hey Crocker,

If you have time someday to look into the issue
Of my theory offerings to Milwaukee the Beautiful
Through “In My Opinion” pieces in the old “Journal,”

You would learn quite a lot about what
“Maturing” lefties like myself were thinking about.

Many who once called themselves “liberal,”
Then “radical,” or “leftist,” now “progressive,”
Were highly critical of aspects of my essays.

I never seemed to please any “established group”
With my concepts, hypotheses, and “visions.”

I like to imagine that I am one among many
Of the Middle Way,
the Great Lakes Culture Concept,
Neither left nor right,
Not North or South,
Not East or West…

the Middle Way, modestly, experimentally,
expectantly seeking to advance the good causes,
All 10,000 of them.

Wind at our backs,


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