The Harlem Renaissance Is Moving To Milwaukee
El renacimiento de Harlem se esta mudando a Milwaukee


The Harlem Renaissance is moving to Milwaukee,
But that’s not all.

The people have learned some
Since back in that day.

Lot’s of new players,
From absolutely
All over the world.

And not just one renaissance.
Not just a Harlem Renaissance,
Not just a Milwaukee Renaissance,
Not just Great Lakes Renaissance.

A myriad of simultaneous new realities,
Like the finest folk blues and jazz,
Background to our
Self constructing
Arts and crafts.

Lots of re-birthing underway.
Lots of new births,
Planetary stirrings,
Primal stuff,
Practical utopian breakthroughs.

New fresh food
For all!

We are food
For our friends!

We will grow our selves!

Very, very intensely.

With hard work
And fun for all!

Lotís of fun.
Lot’s of work.

On the shoulders
Of large and small
Yin and yang

February 9th, 2007

In Spanish

Last edited by Godsil. Based on work by Tyler Schuster.  Page last modified on April 03, 2015

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