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Notes from Interview w. Mark C. Taylor.

“Esa Saarinen and I began planning for our seminar for the global classroom in the summer of 1991 and conducted the class in the fall of 1992…Our aim in the course was to bring theory and practice together by doing what we were theorizing and theorizing what we were doing…In the course of the seminar, Esa and I wrote what eventually became IMAGOLOGIES: MEDIA PHILOSOPHY. In both the “form” and the “content” of this “book,” we tried to capture the sense of the seminar. We tried to carry over the importance of images in contemporary culture in the design of the book. Though I was initially suspicious about the possibility of collaborative writing online, it actually worked out very well…In many ways, the dream of the avant-garde was to transform society into a work of art. Art, in this way, bacame the template for socio-cultural change. Paradoxically, contemporary media culture is realizing this dream — albeit in a very different way than the avant-garde intended. Worlds are being transformed by images — and these transformations are going to take place regardless whether or not cultural critics are involved in them. The challenge, therefore, is to find ways to intervene in processes of cultural transformation and thereby not to leave everything to the multi-national corporations and governmental agencies.

 I started Global Education Network with Herbert Allen, who is a New York Investment Banker.
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