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Subject: Re: Tom as Dean of Yahoo Group
OK. Sounds good to me. How do we start?
At 03:21 PM 6/11/04 −0400, you wrote:
Hey Tom,
Virginia Cassel has been managing the MPA list and perhaps the Sherman
Blvd. Task force list and she told me it was worth $1 per person enrolled.

Hey Jim,
I was a little slow on the uptake here refarding your note. Fruday when we got this I thought it meant you had created the Yahoo group. Saturday I went to Yahoo groups and didn’t find it. Kate last night it finally sunk in. This was a sample note you were showing us that you will be sending out to the world. That sounds fine to us.

If you want, I can create the group and put in the description field, “Mission statement still a work in progress but with a name like this, you know it’s gonna be a doozie.” Denise thought doozie has negative connotations, but I think of doozie as “big, huge, stupendous”. What say?

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From: Denise and Tom <>
Subject: Accessibility Warriors
Hey Jim,
Tom and I are working on this tonight so here it goes.

Accessibility became a Civil Right when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990.
All new public construction since then has had to comply with the standards presented in this act.
We propose that the city or county of Milwaukee give incentive to owners of commercial properties
not covered by the ADA. Real Estate Tax Credits would enable them to follow the standards set up by the ADA and existing building codes for accessibility. As a higher percentage of the population is aging, more people would benefit. Milwaukee would be looked upon as progressive and a leader in the fight for universal accessibility.
What Say?

) and


There’s some confusion here. From the sequence of things in the email, it
does appear to say that it is James Ivers tricycle. But farther down in t
email, Michael Moynihan does specifically state it is Barbara Leigh’s
tricycle. He even mentions the accident that caused her disability. I hope
I’m not confused because that’s what I told Channels 4 and 58 yesterday.

Tom Schmitt

Dear Fellow Citizens,
>This week I had to pick up my husband, Tom Schmitt at City Hall. I used
>Market St(east side of City Hall). The street has parallel parking on the
>west side of the street and angle parking on the east side
>of the street. All of the angle parking has been designated for regular
>vehicles and the parallel parking
>has been designated for handicap access. This is the complete opposite of
>what it should be. A passenger with a wheelchair has no where to get out
>of the car. The only way is to pull out into the middle of the street so
>there is enough room to open the door away from the curb and place the wheel
>chair next to the car. Angle parking allows room to access the car or van
>without being in the middle of the street. This is similar to Victoria’s
>problem at the State Building with construction. It’s dangerous
>when things are not set up properly. Not to mention extremely frustrating.
>If anyone knows who makes these design decisions please let us know. I
>will try to find out this week. Thank you.
>Denise Schmitt

From: Denise and Tom <>
Subject: Re: [accessibility_warriors] Accessibility Warriors & Rock n

  Roll Tricycle 

Cc: “Fraire, Mark” <>,

    …snip… Robert Brown <> 

I sent this story to the local TV stations today, Channels 4,6,12, and 58. Sorry I didn’t have time for more. Before I left work Channels 4 and 58 called back wanting details. They said they would contact Barbara directly. Good luck!

Tom Schmitt

Subject: RE: [accessibility_warriors] Summerfest Parking Outrage
From: “Dorman, Natalie” <>
To: <>

what is accessibility warriors?

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