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Dear All,

I am collecting raw material for a book someone will write someday, perhaps on of you, on the Ted and Carol Seaver Family. I would appreciate your inspiring some local professor to offer internships for students to do this or help do this.

If you are able to handle a quite simple web softward called “wiki,” go directly to

http:// and

Otherwise, please consider sending me some stories that grow in your minds eye and heart of hearts.
I will share the stories with all.

Please consider stepping up to be the one who organizes the party to inaugerate “Ted and Carol Seaver Lane” at the Sailing Center, the “lane” connecting it with Lagoon Dr.

Gerry Broderick has agreed to submit a resolution changing “Ted Seaver Lane” to “Ted and Carol Seaver Lane,” given that Ted already has Ted Seaver St. where the Hoan Bridge would have continued on the Lakefront freeway Ted and friends blocked.

Happy Easter!


Here’s Mike Drew’s note Walt Kelly sent me:

Some of you knew Ted, who founded the sailing center. To those who didn’t, he was one of the three or four most unforgettable characters, I’ve met.
I crewed for him in a two-man national regatta and he drove us to second place with an incredible array of skills. I never saw him without a cigaret in his mouth, except when he was eating or drinking. Lighting up and taking his hands off the tiller caused our 17 foot dinghy to lose me in big waves and 55 degree water two miles out in Lake Michigan with me hanging outside the boat on a trapeze. No apology; all he said after a 45 second retrieval was “fastest fucking pickup ever; now get your ass back on the fucking trapeze!”
When the only way to stop the completion of the Milwaukee freeway system, he lay down on it and was jailed. In Selma, his house was fire-bombed.
In Milwaukee, he became an expert in psychodrama as therapy and helped hundreds.
Ted was sui generis.

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