Here’s Pat Small on Al Stergar

Perhaps you remember Al Stergar. He was a lifelong rad, spent most of his years in the cauldron of local left/communist circles with the old Socialist Workers Party and later Workers’ World Party. He remained an unrepentant Trotskyite ‘til his dying day in Jan 1997. But what made him most remarkable to me were his last efforts at contributing to the community. After his glorious and considerable heydays of the 1930s/60s waned, he turned his attention to Milwaukee’s Hispanic community. At his death this self-taught machinist, photographer found new purpose editing the Spanish Journal. As a leftist he was often isolated. But happiness and purpose abounded and surrounded him in that last role. Countless citizens mourned his passing at two different public services. His was the way to live and die for true communitarians. I think I will try to put a piece together about my old friend Al and his wife Betsy (who recently suddenly passed on after a heart attack).

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