Here is a letter I sent the Board of Urban Anthropolgy in hopes of becoming a “commissioned peddler” of Urb An tours. My application was not accepted, but I continue to hope that someday Urb An will contract with me or some other promoter to aggressively market this great project.


I am very convinced that social enterprises in Milwaukee would do well to offer people “social entrepreneurial” opportunities to promote them, rather than hire someone on a flat fee basis to bring in the business.

This concept means that the role of {{peddler}} must be elevated in the minds of our intellectuals who make such wondrous culture productions as Urb An’s tours.

Here is some contact information for Urban Anthropology, Inc.

Jill Florence Lackey, Ph D
Urban Anthropology Inc.
Jill Florence Lackey & Associates
1962 N. Prospect Avenue Suite 717
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Telephone or fax 414–271–9417

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