The Victorian Society In America is the only national non-profit organization committed to historic preservation, protection, understanding, education, and enjoyment of our nineteenth century heritage.

Since its founding in 1966, the Society has fulfilled this mission through its publications, symposia, architectural tours, and its famous Summer Schools in Newport, Rhode Island & London, England, and has made tremendous contributions to the preservation of many historic buildings.

The VSA Today


A. To foster public appreciation and understanding of the artistic expression of the Victorian Era in the United States.

B. To engage in and encourage the preservation and the publication of material culture of the Victorian Era, including but not limited to architecture, fine and decorative art, design, planning and technology.

C. To offer educational opportunities for the study of the Victorian heritage through schools, symposia, tours, lectures and other media.

D. To serve as a reservoir of expertise on matters pertaining to Victorian culture, including but not limited to the maintenance of archives, records and reference works concerning Victorian material culture.

From the bylaws of The Victorian Society in America, Inc


2005 - Bruce Davies, Victoria, British Columbia

Past Presidents
2001- 2005 Patricia Pixley, Omaha, NE
1994–2001 John J. Simonelli, Paterson, NJ
1990–1994 Billie S. Britz, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
1984–1990 Guy Lacy Schless, M.D., Philadelphia, PA
1980–1984 Richard Hubbard Howland, ­Washington, DC
1974–1980 William J. Murtagh, Alexandria, VA
1969–1974 Henry-Russell Hitchcock, (d.1987)
1966–1969 J. Stewart Johnson, New York, NY

Executive Vice-President
John J. Simonelli, Paterson, NJ

William Ayres, Stony Brook, NY
Kathleen Bennett, Upper Montclair, NJ
Hyman Myers, Merion Station, PA

Alan B. Ruscoe, Philadelphia, PA

Sallie R. Wadsworth, Brookville, IN

David Buchta, Lexington, KY
Edward W. Gordon, Boston, MA
Susan J. Hertel, Waterloo, NE
Sylvia Johnson, Akron, OH
Sally Buchanan Kinsey, De Witt, NY
Erika Kotite, Novato, CA
Michael J. Lewis, Williamstown, MA
Roberta Mayer, Hopewell, NJ
Jeffrey Plank, Scottsville, VA
Charles J. Robertson, Washington, DC
Ingrid Steffensen, Short Hills, NJ
Patricia Pixley, Omaha, NE (ex-officio)

C. Dudley Brown, Washington, DC

Patrice K. Beam (Director), ­Davenport, IA
Donald H. Bergmann (Director), St. Louis, MO
Billie S. Britz (President), Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
Richard Hubbard Howland (President), Washington, DC
Gwen Koch (Director), Evansville, IN
William J. Murtagh (President), Alexandria, VA
Guy Lacy Schless (President), Philadelphia, PA
Marilyn Tuchow (Director), Birmingham, MI

Advisory Council
Christopher Forbes, New York, NY
Margot Gayle, New York, NY
Sibyl M. Groff, New York, NY
Pauline C. Metcalf, New York, NY
Roger W. Moss, Philadelphia, PA
James F. O’Gorman, Windham, ME
Helen Tucker, New York, NY
Richard Guy Wilson, Charlottesville, VA

Editorial Advisory Board
Kenneth L. Ames, Bard Graduate ­Center
David Barquist, Yale University Art Gallery
Annette Blaugrund, National Academy of Design
Michael K. Brown, Bayou Bend Collection
Gretchen Buggeln, Winterthur ­Museum
Susan Casteras, University of ­Washington
Barbara T. Gates, University of Delaware
Robin Karson, Library of American Landscape History
Neil Larson, Woodstock, NY
Allison Eckardt Ledes, The Magazine Antiques
Allison Kyle Leopold, New York, NY
Edward Maeder, Historic Deerfield
Paul R. Miller, Preservation Society of Newport County
Barbara J. Mitnick, Morristown, NJ
Mary Alice Molloy, Chicago, IL
William D. Moore, University of North ­Carolina
Roger W. Moss, Athenaeum of Philadelphia
Adrienne Munich, SUNY Stony Brook
James F. O’Gorman, Wellesley College
Norton Owen, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival
Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown ­Graduate ­Program
Valerie Steele, Fashion Institute of Technology
Mark Thistlethwaite, Texas Christian University
Neville Thompson, Bellingham, WA
Thayer Tolles, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Linda Welters, University of Rhode Island
Richard Guy Wilson, University of Virginia

National Office Staff

John Cooper, Business Manager, Philadelphia, PA
Susan McCallum, Summer School Administrator, Summit, NJ

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