Vince Bushell

I met Vince Bushell about 20 years ago when he and I and some others decided to try to integrate the Gordon Park swimming pool. This is what I said about Vince last February…

Given my take on Milwaukee history, Vince Bushell may be the most significant activist of his generation. Riverwest has made immense strides across all fronts with Bushell as the key organizer of a number of the most important Riverwest initiatives, like: “The Riverwest Currents”; the Riverwest Co-Op; the Gordon Park 4th of July Celebration and Pavilion; Locust St. Days; Garden Park. Vince partnered the Currents with Sonya Jongsma Knauss (with husband Dan doing the most impressive on-line version). Tess Reiss, the Organizer of Locust St. Days, may also have partnered wth Vince around that event.

Since that time, Vince has teamed up with Kat Keller and lots of other fine Milwaukeeans to launch the “Bay View Compass.” He also helped create the “Washington Park Beat” on Milwaukee’s west side.

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The Riverwest Food Co-Op

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Garden Park

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