I would hope the following Milwaukee citizens would gather on line to talk about the Young Women’s Institute for Global Learning.

Cleo Pruitt
Larraine McNamara McGraw
Gretchen Doege
Redonna Rogers
Tegan Dowling
Amy Pruss
Tanya Cromartie Twaddle
Sharon Adams
Joan Prince
Margaret Henningsen
Reuben Harpole
Sonya Jongsma Knaus
Jerry Ann Hamilton
Tess Reiss
Bill Sell
James Carlson
James Spice
John Worm
Dave Boucher
Tom Schmitt
Omar Gagale
Youssouf Komara
Dr. Abalo Nunyakpe
Carl Hedman
Vince Bushell
Paul Jakubovich
Bob Trimmier
Reuben Harpole
Ernie Pruitt
Brad Pruitt
Tony Fikes

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