Attentive citizens must keep in mind the imperative of mobilizing the majority of working class Americans who do not regularly vote. It is my hope to foster occasions for the traditional and creative working classes from all of our identity groups to have on-line conversations and also meet, eat, and greet around this theme.

Here is a letter I sent to the recently victorious Shorewood and Whitefish Bay Democrats, inviting them to gather at Bucketworks to empower themselves with wiki web tools, as well as to meet with Latino and African Americans mobilizing to fire Mark Belling.

Dear Shorewood Democrats,

It is my great honor to be offer an on-line introduction of the great Shorewood and North Shore progressives who worked very hard for John Kerry and Jennifer Morales this Fall and the emergent on-line protestors against the broadcasting of racist slurs by a local talk-radio show host.

Here is a call for action that perhaps might find some new friendships and alliances forged between Shorewood and North Shore Progressives and the various progressive groups of Historic Milwaukee neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

I hope all of you will join us at Bucketworks this Sunday to see the kinds of downtown facilities available for the advance of the creative working classes of Wisconsin and learn about the “wiki” participatory accessible web site software, that will vastly enhance our prospects of self-organizing and promoting and defending the interests of Wisconsin’s creative working classes of all identity groups. See and

Area activists and CBO leaders will be meeting at the office of the Federation for Civic Action at 10:00AM, Friday, November 5, 2004. Discussions on future actions against Belling and Company to be addressed before 3:00pm demonstration. We will also discuss the ideas as proposed by Dr. Figueroa of UW-Milwaukee (see below after article). In addition, move on the notions of addressing WISN advertisers. The list of advertisers was provided by Jessica Madden and Gladys Gonzalez. All are welcomed. See more information below. We will make this a city-wide call for justice. Lets link up with our allies and proceed peacefully down the road towards justice. Robert Miranda

Call To Action: Unite Against Hate Speech
This morning (11–2−2004) a press conference was held by members of the Federation for Civic Action, Education for The People! Mexican Fiesta, Milwaukee Green Party and other Milwaukee area activists. The press conference was held to condemn Mark Belling and his use of the word “wetbacks” when describing Latinos of Mexican heritage.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West and other members of the board of supervisors have expressed shock and anger regarding this matter. We agree with their concerns.

His apology was at best disingenuous. This will not be tolerated!

A call to action has been issued.

What: Protest Mark Belling/WISN Radio

When: 3:00 PM; Friday, November 5, 2004

Where: WISN Radio Studios/Station
Milwaukee, WI.

For more information contact Robert Miranda at 418–6010; Oscar Ceverra at 672–8777 or Matt Nelson at 671–4668

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