Create a template and list of steps for Godsil to use and follow.

In addition to a box for the list of addressees, the template will have boxes for

  • Category/ies,
  • Email subject line,
  • Brief description, and
  • Link to longer discussion in the HomePage Godsil? group of pages on the Bucketworks wiki or possibly on the MilWiki.

Which of the above can be linked to the SalesForce database, and what further functionality can the CRM provide?

The template and instructions will guide Godsil through the process of creating the pages (on one wiki or another) to which the link in the email will direct his contacts. The pages will present all of the information collected in the template items described above, including the list of addressees showing but without showing their contact information.

In other words, that template will gather and automate both the information for the initial email and the pages to which that email brings his contacts. The pages should include

  • Godsil’s extended description of the subject,
  • an area for collaboration on further development of the subject, and
  • a threaded discussion section.
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