Godsil Family Aphorisms

On 39th Anniversary of Mary Patricia Donnelly’s Return to God

So here below are James Godsil and Mary Godsil aphorisms, presented in hopes of inspiring you to remember and share evocative and worthy ones from your Family and Clan.

Hereís my memory of what might be my childrenís favorite aphorism from their father, baptized Catholic as James Joseph Godsil.

“You wished it stranger. You left the path of your own free will.”
“You are lost!”
“If you believe in danger.”

And hereís one from Bumpa Grandpa etc. (Godsil of many names) today, August 23, 2017, the 39th anniversary of my Mother, Mary Patricia Donnelly Godsilís, Return to God.

“Itís no accident that the Jesuit Pope Francis is a baptized Catholic mystic, who chose the name Francis.”

Mary Godsil, as she was called upon her marriage to my father Joseph, often said

“All I can do is pray to the Virgin Mary, e.g. with a Hail Mary Prayer, when you edge toward life’s extreme dangers.”

A Sad Story But Also A Gift From Francis Graf For Fr. Jerry Cusumano SJ Now Of Japan

Received sad news, for me, but inspiring at the same time from a young urban agrarian, artisan, and budding intellectual Francis Graf.


This is a great gift you bring me!

I have followed Diogenes since the 1980′s.

Plato said to Diogenes, “You are so brilliant! You could be in Philips Court instead of washing lettuce and living in a tub.”

Diogenes to Plato. “You are so brillilant! You could be washing lettuce and living in a tub instead of serving in Philips Court!”

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