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This begins with memories of Grandma Dode, Judy’s Mom. Hopefully Grandma will have some stories of Grandpa Bud, Judy’s Dad. Maybe Aunt Gail and Uncle Gary will add something too!

Here’s a long awaited story by Granda Dode.


We had promised to take our winter guests to the Grand Canyon if the weather permitted while they were here. When they arrived, the weather was great. The temps in the valley and at the Grand Canyon were mild but cool, with fluffy clouds filling the bright blue skies. With my warm jacket and scarf over my ears, it felt like a spring day in June.

We were off. The plan was to drive up on the first day, visit the Canyon, and stay at a motel in Williams that night. The trip back to Mesa would include a trip though Oak Creek Canyon and a stop in Sedona. All went as planned.

We arrived at the Canyon early in the afternoon, when the warmth of the day was at its height. It turned out that many other visitors took the same opportunity to be awed by the vastness of the Canyon colored with aqua, pink, browns, and gold. The shadows from the clouds added another dimension to the colors on the Canyon walls. The sight stood in stark contrast to the observation of a lady I met at a park activity a bit earlier in the week. When asked what she thought about Arizona, she said, brown, brown, too brown. Just goes to show; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The first graying shades of darkness said it was time to head back to the motel. An hour stop at the IMAX theatre gave us some historical background about the formation of the Grand Canyon. During the one hour drive back to Williams, my mind kept leaping back to my dear brother who had passed away a few days earlier. He was my buddy during our formative years. I called him often. My first words were always the same, “Hi Ponk, how are you feeling today?” His response was equally predictable; “I’m feeling as fine as the hair on a frog.”

I often wondered where he picked up that saying. I had never heard it before. Now I was missing that voice and that initial exchange of comments.

When we got back it was pitch black and our goal before going to the motel was to find a restaurant. After driving around a bit, we settled on one next to the motel. Our waitress was a happy person, all smiles and friendly conversation. Some time during the food ordering process, someone asked her, “How are you feeling?” Without hesitation, she said, “I feel as fine as the hair on a frog.” I quickly responded and asked again, “What did you say?” She again said, “I feel as fine as the hair on a frog.” I felt a chill that went up my spine. It was a heart twisting moment in time.

She was only the second person I had ever heard use that expression and so precisely the same. Did my brothers spirit lead us to this place and this person and then prompt her to use the words that so comforted me?

I have felt better ever since.


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