An Appeal To All Baptized Catholics and Friends of Nature To Support The Jesuit Pope

I hope anyone baptized Catholic or friends of baptized Catholics will reache out to their high school classmates and inspire them to discover and harvest the Spirit Force that is embodied in the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si, which marries ecological with social justice. Here is one of my appeals to my fellow alums.

Dear All,

The fact that we are baptized Catholics with Jesuit educations and on line connectivity makes us a potential resource for many good causes congruent with our foundational values.

Baptized Jesuit Trained Catholics

An ecumenical group of many “persuasions,”
but inescapably possessed with a foundational identity, I would say, an indelible mark, as a

Baptized Jesuit Trained Catholic

There are several million baptized Jesuit trained Catholics in the world…an inspiring, potential spirit force for the greater glory of God, healing the people and the planet, as we become increasingly digitally and actually connected.

A cause I hope a few of the SLUH Class of 63 will consider supporting is to enlist the support of Jesuit trained Americans in D.C. leadership positions, to assist the ecumenical Synodal Process to share the inclusive theology of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical.

Here is the essence of this vision, shared by Fr. Sean McDonagh:

If this makes any sense to any of you, a first project would be a phone call to the office of Rockhurst High educated Senator Tim Kaine, asking him to meet with Fr. McDonagh over the next 12 months.

What say we direct them to Emily Dunn, asistant to his chief of staff.

(202) 224–4024

And ask her for the best email address to use to prove that many baptized IgnatianCatholics hope he will harvest some of his amazing resources to advance the vision of our good Jesuit Pope.

Please let me know if you make this call.

Tim Kaine Time Essay re His Jesuit Foundational Values

“That high school experience with the Jesuits was a key part of my transition into an adult life where instead of just accepting the answers of my parents or others, I’ve been a person who wants to go out and find the answers on my own, and the Jesuits get credit for that,” Kaine says.

He also claims his experiences with the Jesuits have inspired his public service: “I do what I do for spiritual reasons. I’m always thinking about the momentary reality, but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.”

After being admitted to Harvard Law School, Kaine took a year off to volunteer with the Jesuits at a vocational school in El Progreso, Honduras. In Honduras Kaine learned to speak Spanish, a skill he will likely use on the campaign trail this fall.

According to Kaine, that year was a watershed time in his life. “I think of El Progreso everyday,” Kaine said. “The people, aside from my family, are the most important in shaping who I am today.”

Why not?

Hallelujah, Laudato Si,


Marquette University: A Quarterback For Jesuit Community Nobel Prize


Global Jesuit Community Wins Nobel Prize For Quarterback Role in Transition From Industrial Cities To Ecological Cities

Ivy League Runner Up


“…our historic destiny to create a mutually enhancing mode of human dwelling on the planet earth…one great Earth community…human technologies are coherent with the ever-renewing technologies of the planet itself.” (Father Thomas Berry, “The Great Work”)

As Joan of Arc saved France and helped end the 100 year war, emerging global citizens and “ecopreneurs” can help save the planet and usher in the “Ecozoic Age.”

Marquette U.’s Joan of Arc Chapel


5 in 5 or 10

*Ecopreneur Badge Programs in 5% of the schools of the world

What is A Badge?

Chicago Summer of Learning Video

MacArthur Foundation, White House, and USDOE Advancing Badge Learning

Details for tuning into the event can be found here:

The hangout will be broadcast live today, but then will live on the “We The Geeks” section of the White House blog permanently as of next Tuesday.

Additional information about today’s broadcast of We the Geeks:

Watch We the Geeks”on a “21st Century Resume” live on Thursday, June 20th, at 2:00 p.m. EDT Join the conversation and ask your questions with the hashtag #WeTheGeeks. Sign up to get email updates about future hangouts.

*e-Choupal Culture Wagons in 5% of the cities of the world

*Aquaponics Innovation Centers, large or small, in 5% of the cities of the world


*Harvest Milwaukee Grand Alliance

*Seed the Jesuit Global Community

*Multidisciplinary, All University, Town Gown, Life Long Inergenerational Collaboration Experiments
for Ecopreneurship and EcoOlympians

*Marry the power of the information revolution with the emerging power of the ecological revolution

*Shajan and Subra Partnership Replications

Theory Visions

St. Ignatius

Father Teilhard Chardin

E.F. Schumacher

Mondgragon Worker Cooperatives

Peter Drucker

Charlene Spretnak

Father Thomas Berry

Social Movements to Sustainable Industries, e.g. ESHAC, Community Roofing, Growing Power, Sweet Water

Chronicling & Sparking Milwaukee Renaissance

Sweet Water Aspirations For A “Communion of Beings”

From my(Emmanuel Pratt) perspective, the recent evolution of aquaponics/urban ag is somewhere between the evolution of the car with Henry Ford ( meets Apple with Steve Jobs (

e-Choupal Culture Wagons For Great American Cities and Schools

India’s ITT conglomerate digitally empowers millions of micro-producers with internet kiosks in 6500 villages to great effect.

For digital, e.g. self publishing literacy, ecological, e.g. aquaponics literacy, and reciprocity economics, e.g. market help for local producers, empowerment

Sweet Water Media Coverage

Local Coverage

New York Times

Wall Street Journal

NBC Nightly News

Sweet Water Organics (for profit entity) on NBC:

Sweet Water Foundation (501c3 entity) on NBC:

National Public Radio

Sweet Water Organics radio interview:

Sweet Water Foundation radio interview :

Sweet Water Perch Grace President Obama’s Banquet,0,5013010.story

Here is some of my background story

( |

Sweet Water for the Founding Convention of the Aquaponics Association, Orlando, 2010

Sweet Water, i.e. the Farm and the Academy, as Mainframe for Organic City Evolution

Sweet Water Founding Vision:

Commercial Upscale Experiment

Democratize Aquaponics

Globalize Aquaponics Large and Small

Guiding Concepts

Marriage of Scientists/Artists, Artisans/Agrarians, Entrepreneurs/Social Enterprisers

Asset Based Sequential Development

Multiple Bottom Lines, Multiple Income Streams

Open Source Hybrid “Network” Enterprise

Productive Eco Systems Renewing Old City Buildings, Grounds, and Schools

IBM Highlights Aquaponics As Key to “Organic City Revolution”

Harvard Business Review on Sweet Water

“Harvard Business Review’s” Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s View of Milwaukee’s Grand Alliance for Sweet Water Enterprise Experiments

An “innovation zone”

Sweet Water Foundation and Friendly Aqupaonics to Advance Shajan John’s and Subra Mukherjee’s Indian initiatives;

Sylvia Bernstein’s Book!

This gathering of over 200 at the founding conference of the Aquaponics Association!

and much more:

testimony to the fact that since around 2005

Our Visions Outpaced By The Facts.

So why not

Pragmatic Utopian Visions

India, China, Egypt Breakthroughs

Urban Agriculture & Aquaponics at Presidential Conventions

Major UN Conference on Aquaponics

Nobel Peace Prize for One World Aquaponics Community

Ecopreneur Mentoring Student Enterprisers

Spiritual & Mindful Super-Empowered EcoPreneurs

Emmnanuel Pratt
Jesse Blom
Josh Fraundorf
Steve Lindner
Joe Recchie
Bob and Jeanie Ranek
Dave Boucher
Andre Lee Ellis
Dr. Subra Mukherjee
Shajan John
Mr. Murthy
Tim McCollow
Loyola and St. Louis Universities and High Schools
Sylvia Bernstein and Gina Cavaliero
John Todd
Irving Steel
Jim Widder
Alan Washatko
Jill Frey
Mat Ray
Bas de Groot
Roman Gaus
Rick Ekstrom
Tyrese Gould
Ken Kenworthy
Chaya Nayak
Jesse Blom
Robby Uppal
Nickolas Brait
Nickolas Correl
David Haider
Michael Carrier
Richard Marklin
Sandy Syburg
Venice Williams
Jan Christensen
Janine Arsenau
Martha Davis Kipcak
Howard Hinterthuer
Jeremy Anderson
Mat Traum
N.J. Unaka
Muneer Bahaudeen
Sandy Foloran
Gretchen Meade
Jay Salinas and Donna Neurwirth

Jeff Snell, PhD
Special Advisor to the President
Founder, Midwest Consortium for Social Innovation
Co-founder, Executive Social Innovation Leadership Experience
Social Innovation Initiative:

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