KK River Clean-up? October 14, 2006

To: Progressive Rogers Park@yahoogroups.com
From: “cmtyroof@execpc.com” <cmtyroof@execpc.com>
Subject: [Pro-R.P.] Progressive “Great Lakes” Yahoo Group

Dear All,

There are a number of people in the movements of our time
In the great cities of the Great Lakes bio-region
Hoping to begin conversations on-line
With people living in neighborhoods resembling Rogers Park,
With polyglot populations and “movement social practice,”
In Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit,
Milwaukee, and the smaller cities and towns
of the Great Lakes basin, on up to Deluth,
Where I’m told Boby Dylan was born.

Would anyone wish to brainstorm the notion
Of sparking a “self-conscious emergent Great Lakes Culture,”
Protection from the cultural hegemony of the
East and West coast “culture industries,”
And religious fundamentalists everywhere.

What say?

Why not?


Would you consider a role as elder advisor and nanosecond partner for this project? If it turns out you would like to participate in grant writing teams to create a paying position for yourself as a teacher or organizer for Great Lakes Works, great! If your roll remains an on-line elder only occasionally contributing, great! Or anything in between.

Great Lakes Works: Training & Development for Careers, Projects, and Skill Acquisition in

Erik Lindberg of Community Building and Restoration has committed to directing considerable time, energy, and resources to partner with a non-profit enterprise in

  • developing a rooftop garden on a large commercial building he hopes to purchase near the Outpost on Capital

  • teaching artisinal skills to citizens during the off-season especially, and throughout the year as well

  • exploring green building and renewable energy possibilities for citizens

  • teaching business development and internet promotions/research skills to families and small business owners

  • creating teaching/project space in his building for all of the above

Besides founding one of Milwaukee’s premier restoration companies, Erik has a Ph.D. in English literature and a commitment to the movements of our city.

Erik’s and Community Roofing & Restoration’s CPA, Oliver Plunkett, who is a Growing Power volunteer and has a number of minority business clients, has agreed to serve as the CPA for Great Lakes Works.

Sky Schultz, a Ph.D. in psychology, filmaker, educator, ecologist, and my favorite referent for the concept renaissance man, will be helping develop Great Lakes Works.

Great Lakes Works: Great Lakes Works: Training & Development for Careers, Projects, and Skill Acquisition in Old Home Restoration & Re-design, Renewable Energy, Urban Farming, & Internet Empowerment

Core Mission: Train people for careers and skill sets associated with the marriage of preserving old city buildings, equipping them with renewable energy sources, experimenting with urban farming, and harnessing the power of the internet to personal, professional, and community evolution. Enhancing citizens skills while fostering community.

Linking emerging experts in:

  • Urban Farming and Community Food Systems
  • Green Building & Restoration
  • Restoration Trades
  • Internet Support for the Above

Probable Partners in Ventures

  • Growing Power
  • Riverwest Investment Co-op
  • Riverwest Food Co-op
  • Outpost Natural Foods
  • Urban Ecology Center
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Bay View Neighborhood Association
  • Milwaukee Preservation Alliance
  • Riverwest Neighborhood Association
  • Harbambee and MLK Social Enterprises
  • Green Building Alliance
  • MATC
  • Custom Artisanal Shops in Restoration Trades
  • Bucketworks
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • MIAD
  • UWM Architecture & Urban Planning
  • City of Milwaukee Department of City Development

Start Up Projects

  • Rooftop Garden with Growing Power Methodology
  • Period Appropriate Skylight Fabrication & Installation
  • Internet and Marketing Empowerment for Small Artisanal Shops & Social Enterprises
  • On Line Conversations and Social Gatherings to Brainstorm Great Lakes Works Project Develoment

Concept Projects

Professors on Religion and Ecology, perhaps of help in developing concept Great Lakes Culture rooted in common status as people of the sweet inland seas.

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