David Weingrod, a Milwaukee Public School service learning coordinator and school social worker, makes impassioned case for helping our students became key participants in the Greening of Milwaukee.

Says Weingrod, “There is great excitment among teachers and students around many environmental issues, including recycling, energy efficiency and water retention: all of which are highlighted by the Green Team. Students can become part of the solution and these projects can become great “learning/doing” labs for schools and community learning centers. We want to get our hands dirty and hope this initiative figures out how to include students in meaningful ways.”

I was unable to discover who is featured in this picture making a very powerful statement. But I am going to do some research and return with that information.

Elsa Ankel, founder of the Urban Ecology Center, highlights the progress her neighbors have made in reducing sewer system stress through the use of rain gardens and rain barrels.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett commits to the Green Team Vision, which includes the creation of a Director of Sustainable Development.

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