Here is a place to store information about Shorewood’s glorious green visions, including the transformation of 2 acre asphalt parking lot into a demonstration city farm and community garden. This information can be uploaded to the web site Greening Shorewood will soon be creating.

Greening Shorewood Charrette to Transform 2 Acre Parking Lot into Demonstration City Farm

Last night about 25 citizens were privileged to participate in a design charrette led by 3 Shorewood High School seniors and Professor of Architecture Mark Keane.

Kim Forbeck will be the point person for people interested in helping create an urban agriculture demonstration project, water harvesting and rooftop gardens, and hopefully wind and solar energy sources.
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Greening Shorewood Committee Design Charrette re Shorewood H.S. Urban Agriculture Demonstration Project, Dec. 4, H.S. Band Room 278, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Dear Shorewood Students, Parents, Teachers and Community Members,

Please join us, the Greening Shorewood Committee, for an evening of brainstorming Shorewood’s continued progress towards sustainability.

A small group of students, parents and teachers is beginning a study on immediate, mid-range and long-term proposals for Shorewood High School, the Shorewood Schools and eventually the Village proper. We have meet informally in late October, presented to the SHS faculty, presented to the Referendum Committee, and next week present to the School Board.

On Tueday December 4th we are facilitating an open design charrette to generate as many ideas as possible on all scales to aid our mission. We will also be asking people to step forward and join one of our committees - Facilities, Outreach/PR, Finances/Fundraising, Research, and Curriculum. The meeting will take play at the High School in the Band Room 278 from 6:30 - 8:30.

After a brief introduction by our co-chairs Kim Forbeck and Eric Gietzen, two SHS students, Rory Linnane and Hannah Luteyn will present the proposal. The charrette will be small groups of 6–8 people on each committee focus, rotating every 30 minutes to get multiple visions on each area.

Please join us. We need you knowledge, help, and dreams.

There are many more people that we do not have e-mail addresses, so please feel free to invite others who may want to support our mission.

Thank You.

Greening Shorewood

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Viva, rainbow urban agriculture!
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The Land Knows Its Destiny!

Good Food and Beauty at Shorewood High!

Eric Gietzen told me that Aldo Leopold,

Perhaps in “Sand County Almanac,”

Said that history is the land.

Land creates its own destiny.

It’s natural potential manifests. And…

We can be land’s partners.

The Shorewood High City Farm

Manifests the Call of the Land.

The Full Circle Stamp:

From “Grasses,

To Classes, to Chases”…

And Back to Grasses,

Greens, Fruits and Veggies!

Eric found a student-made stamp

Of the very sight to become

Quite possibly, a Great Lakes destination:

A Student/Community City Farm Project.

The stamp celebrated the arrival of

The asphalt parking lot!

From grasses, to classes, to chasses.

And now we’re coming full circle.

Erik, Mark, Linda and Mark Keane,
Martha Kipchak, and others,

While walking a month past the asphalt parking lot

In a no-use state,
Felt the pull of the land.

“Why that parking lot?”

“Life went on quite well without those cars

In our midsts.”

The land called for a more enlightened use.

And the Shorewood High City Farm was born!


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