I hope this field may prove helpful for developing some space for artists, artisans, knowledge, and movement workers in the Amaranth Bakery neighborhood’s industrial corridor around 30th and Lisbon. I would like to call this area the Amaranth Corridor until someone comes up with a better name.

Profiles of Artists, Artisans, and Culture Workers Interested in This Project

Here is the Amaranth Bakery and Cafe where our first working lunch will be held on Tuesday, May 23, 2006.

Pics and Short Summary of First Meeting

The following long time heavy lifters for old city renewal introduced themselves to one another and shared some visions about the transformation of old industrial properties along the RR tracks around 30th and Lisbon:

Teju Ologboni, Pat Mueller, Leon Todd, Sandy Foloran, Janine Arseneau, Carl Quindel, Theo Lipscomb, David Garnham, Darele Bisquerra, Dave Boucher, Stephanie Shipley, and James Godsil.

Affordable space thoughtfully transformed for public and private value creating work by artists, artisans, culture, and movement workers sums up the projects anticipated. Profit and non-profit, public and private combinations to be considered, including fish farming, artist lofts, warehouse space, experiments in brownfield reclamation and alternative sources of energy, martial arts and organic food kitchens.

30th Street Industrial Corridor Corp

The following came from Beth Sahagian-Allsopp, in response to a posting of this web site at a yahoo group on Milwaukee’s west side.

Board of Directors

There is an organization called the 30th Street Industrial Corridor Corp.
they has been working with business development in that area for many years.
They have also secured grants for brown field development.
http://www.30thstreeticc.org corridor boundaries stretch from 35 to 27th Harley to
North of Capitol Drive bordering the 30th street Rail Line. This is a great
area for development and especially good space for artists and other small
businesses. The ICC is a very friendly organization and welcomes membership
to business owners in the corridor. They also provide lots of help and info
for things such as grants, workshops, tax credits, They have speakers, and
are working with local Universities to develop plans for improvements that
are aimed at infrastructure to attract business. Jobs, business retention
and attraction are a main focus.

Here are some start-up photos of some of the buildings that we might help transform.

Somehow I think the best bakery in town will help spark this development.

And soup too!

Background Information File

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