Time Sensitive - ACTION NEEDED: Assembly to Vote on 1/15 to Override Governorís CNA Training Bill Veto

We are passing on this time-sensitive action alert received from our friends in the aging network. There is breaking news that tomorrow, Tuesday January 14th, the Assembly will vote to override the Governorís veto of a bill that would reduce training requirements for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

Disability Rights Wisconsin and many disability and aging advocacy organizations opposed the bill (and agreed with the veto) because of concerns that lowering training requirements for certified nurse aides will affect the quality of care for people with disabilities and older adults in long-term and residential care facilities. Studies have demonstrated that increased training reduces job turnover while increasing job satisfaction. Over half of the states in the U.S. have elected to require training over the minimum 75 hours required by the federal government, and the Institute of Medicine recommends expanding federal training requirements to 120 hours.

Please see the action alert below for additional information. If you share the concern that reducing training requirements for CNAs is a bad idea, contact your Assembly Representative to let them know and ask that they do NOT override the Governorís veto.

Need contact information for your Assembly Representative? Go to this link and select ďWho Are My LegislatorsĒ: https://legis.wisconsin.gov/

ACTION: Call or email your State Assembly Representative tomorrow (Tues., 1/14) and let him/her know why lowering the required training hour for CNAs is a bad idea (and therefore the attempt to override the Governorís veto should not be supported). To see how your Assembly Representative originally voted on this bill go here.

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